Sunday, December 29, 2013

Feral Stray and House Cats are missing in Neighborhood

The end of November I noticed that many of the feral and stray cats that we care were not showing up at the feeding station.  We assumed that they were hanging out at a kindly neighbor’s garage that was opened to them for a shelter throughout the cold winter months.  We also thought that the cats had gone to another feeding station.  
Orange tabby lying on the snow

This was a reasonable explanation for the missing cats however we continued to walk the neighborhood looking for the cats and calling for them.  Several of us went into the woods and found 3 cats at the thicket colonies but 6 feral and stray cats are still missing.
Tuxedo cat sitting by branches

Last week the cat caregivers volunteer meeting it was reported that 6 feral and stray cats were missing and that community residents were seeking their housecats as well.  This of course was reason for concern as it now seemed that foul play may be the reason why the feral stray and housecats are missing in our neighborhood.

We suspect the a resident that lives close by may be luring the cats into traps and then calling animal control to report cat nuisance on his property.  We are looking into the missing cats more seriously. 

Attribution: feral cat in winter feral cat by branches
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