Friday, March 7, 2014

One Week and No Closer to Finding Cat Owner

Last week we took the Russian blue mix cat that had unique gray and white markings to the veterinarian and found that it was microchip but was not registered. We then learned from several of our neighbors that it was a neighborhood cat that would walk on a leash with its owner but that they did not know where he lived or if he still lived in the neighborhood.

My husband put a cat harness on the cat that we found and walked the cat around the neighborhood in hopes to find the pet owner.  No owner was located but did get many remarks on how the cat walked like a dog.
Russian Blue Mix Cat
Found cat photograph

The found cat flyers that I made at still hang on the tree trunks and telephone poles but as of this date we have gotten no calls from the cat owner.   If we do not locate the owner in the next week, this cat will be put up for adoption and flyers will updated.  Here is an example of an adoption template flyer that I made for this cat.
In the meantime the lost cat has gotten used to his large cat cage and his days on the sun porch.  We had him tested for cat disease and they came back negative. We also had his nails trimmed and he got a rabies vaccine.  We prefer to keep this found cat away from our cats and do not want to socialize. 
cat cage

Know that this is a housecat that will not go outdoors unless it is on a leash and then enjoys the walks.  He prefers men over women and gets along with dogs.  This cat stays on the floor, does not jump onto kitchen cabinets, or furniture.

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