Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hard for Cat Rescuer to Say Goodbye to Kittens

Two months ago my husband and I found newborn kittens on the side of the highway. These kittens looked to be weeks old as many of them could not got to the bathroom on their own. Small and frail and too young to be way from their mom.  We took the kitten’s home and cared for them as if they were our own.
Calico kittens on night of rescue

Presently three out of the kittens have reached four pounds and this is the weight in which they can get their vaccines, spay or neuter.  It also signifies a time when they are ready to be adopted.

My husband and I have gotten attached to the pitter patters of running kittens through the house. Even my dogs have become nurturing: licking kittens in the morning to groom them and are very caring   but soon we must wave goodbye as the kitten sponsors’ will come to collect all but three 4 pound kittens on Monday. 
Gray and white kitten on night we rescued 

The two remaining are still underweight and cannot get their vaccines, spay or neuter until they are four pounds.

Next Monday will be hard on the kittens overall as they will be frightened and they will also be separated from each other.  The kittens are going to be donated to PetSmart pet charities as the veterinarian has good relations with the women who oversee the in store adoptions..  

I know the kittens will be adopted quickly as they are all darling and have unique markings.  Nonetheless it makes me sad and it is hard for this rescuer to say goodbye.
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