Thursday, July 31, 2014

Nine Week Old Kitten Stopped Eating

Hairy the rescue kitten is nine week old, he has adjusted well from abandonment when he was three weeks old.  He is a big eater, loves to play and cuddle so I was surprised when he stopped eating and drinking.

I went to feed him and he sniffed and walked away I thought it was odd.  When I brought in his favorite canned food; Natural Balance chicken pate recipe with gravy on plate I expected Hairy to coming running but instead he did not get out of bed.   Hairy was sick I just knew it and he was looking dehydrated too so I knew we had a problem.  I filled his nursing bottle with replacement milk mixed with his chicken pate and started feeding him , he took to this okay and so I put the mixture on a plate and Hairy sniffed and walked away.

I thought at first he could not smell the food and that is why he fed off the bottle and not from his food bowl.   My husband said he must have eaten something that upset his stomach he will be okay. But Hairy was not okay he developed diarrhea that would not stop, the poor kitten was leaking when he walked or lay down in his bed.  This was not good so I called the veterinarian and they said they could not see him until two days later.

I continued to care for Hairy and his diarrhea did stop, but my little rescued kitten was still not eating.  So I kept the kitten close by in a crate and bottle fed him every hour.  Hairy was getting weak and would was not taking to the bottle.  I called the veternarian and there were no appointment, the only option they could offer was to bring Hairy in when doctors arrive and are getting ready for their day.  They would then have one check Hairy to determine his condition. 

So we waited two more days and on the third day Hairy weight indicated that he had lost a pound. I was certain that if we did not get veterinarian care he would die.  We rushed him to the veternarian today so he could be evaluated.  

He needed an IV and was treated for coccidia and I was told that he would be back eating and being a normal kitten within a day.  Hairy stopped eating and refused to eat or drink due to worms.  All of the rescued kittens including Hairy were wormed today and should make a full recovery.

*We rescued Hairy and  his four siblings when they were three weeks old. They were abandoned on the medium in the center of the highway at night.  

Monday, July 21, 2014

Kittens Need a Cat Scratcher

The kittens that I rescued three weeks ago are at the age where they need to learn how to scratch on a post.  So we went shopping at PetSmart today to get some ideas.

Let me tell you, there are so many scratching posts that come in a variety of styles and sizes.  Normally we buy a scratching post that fits our adult cat’s needs; the cats that scratch our Berber carpet do well with the cat scratching trees that are covered with carpet.   My one cat goes after the side of our sofa so we bought a silsal robe covered post and this style satisfied my furniture scratching cat.
Cat Adoption Guide

The five kittens that we rescued are climbers as they will climb up my body to stand on my shoulder and purr in my ear.  This behavior is a good sign that they need a cat tree or a cat scratcher that is mounted over the door like SmartCat Muliti cat climber at

Now that we have an idea as to what cat scratcher would be best we are going to watch for pet product sale. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Feeding Rescued Baby Kitten: 3 to 5 Weeks

Baby Kitten 3 weeks old
This month my husband and I rescued baby kittens. The kittens were put into a Glad trash bag and thrown out onto the center medium of the road during the night hours when the light was poor and the cars sped by.  These baby kittens were newborns as two of them had just opened their eyes and these two out of the five needed help in going to the bathroom. 

We kept the kittens isolated from our cats and decided that due to the trauma that they just endured that we would care for them until they were four lbs.

At first we fed the kitten replacement milk and then when they were 4 week old we shopped at PetSmart for a quality kitten food.  We looked at Blue Buffalo but decided to buy Wellness Core dry kitten food. This is what we are feeding the kittens, a food that will boost their immune system and help them to grow healthy and strong.  .   
Boosting kitten immune system with Wellness Core kitten food
Feeding Baby Kittens Replacement milk 

At five weed we were feeding the kitten’s softened solid food because these babies needed to put on weight. We also continued the replacement milk because it was a good way to boost their immune system.

At four weeks the kittens are weighing in approximately two pounds.   The worst thing that cat owner did was take the baby kittens away from their mom at such a young age and then put them in a bag and throw them out like trash.   I am so glad that my husband and I found the babies.  

All kittens will be put up for adoption after they get a wellness checkup at veternarian and are tested for cat disease, get their booster shots and are wormed.  If you are interested in learning more about these  kittens please leave me a comment bellow.

Here are some baby kitten photographs.  
Kittens eating wellness core kitten food
Baby Kitten Rescue Day
Baby Harry on Rescue Day

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Trapping an Injured Neighborhood Cat

Part of my duties as being a cat caretaker and rescuer is to watch over the cats and to trap them if any of them are injured. So when the black stray cat that we call Buddy showed up at the workshop with noticeable lump on his upper leg I knew that he needed veterinarian care.
Feral kitten I trapped in Live animal trap

Sometimes I can pick this cat up because he is a socialized neighborhood cat.  He is up to date with vaccines, but that was not the case today.  Generally all I need to do is call him and he will come to me, but due to the wound he ran to the back of the workshop and hid.
Buddy the Back cat lying on dog bed in workshop

I decided to set up the Havahart double door trap that I bought at in the workshop and close off the kitty door so he could not exit and other cats could not enter. 
The live animal trap was set and baited with Friskies mixed grill canned cat food.  This stinky food should attract the cat into the live animal trap.  I also left a pet water bowl outside the trap.  If the cat does not enter the trap this evening at lease he will have water to drink and will not get dehydrated.

Hoping the cat enters the animal trap because his leg needs to be looked at by a veterinarian.