Saturday, January 10, 2015

Foods NOT Meant For Cat: True Live Story

Over the years I have come to know that the feral cats are more cautious about the foods that they eat and in this respect they are healthier than the housecat. I say this because housecats are scavengers and will eat anything. From left over food on the plates in the sink to knocking over the trash to see what they can scavenger in there.

Most cat owner do not realize that human foods can make cats really sick, and in some cases these foods they eat can cause fatalities.

Here is a true life story of how human food effects cats.

A friend of mine told me that her four year old cat was dying of kidney failure and she had no idea why. The first thing I asked was did the cat eat poisonous plant. She said no that she was really good about keeping plants out of the house.

Then I asked if the cat had access to antifreeze or bleach and my friend again said no. So I asked her about table scraps from the plates left in the sink and this was the red flag. Most humans foods are toxic to cats; causing them stomach upset, diarrhea, vomiting and in some case kidney failure.

My friend told me that they feed their cat human food only, and it was not a raw diet made up for a cat. She was feeding her cat chocolate, nuts, avocados, donuts, beer, milk, potato chips, raw hamburger, chopped onions and grapes. All of these foods are toxic to the cat and will cause the cat to suffer because these foods are poison to the cats kidneys.

My friend had no idea as to what she did to her cat, she told me that her cat loved these foods and I told her to take her cat to the veterinarian and tell him the cats diet.  Euthanasia was recommended as the cat was suffering from both kidney and liver failure. 

Learn more about the best and worst foods for your cat by viewing this video by Dr. Karen Becker.

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