Sunday, February 22, 2015

Feral Cat Colony Art Expression Polyvore Set

Over the years many people have asked me what my cat colony looks like because the cats I care for are not city cats.   I tell them that it resides in an area where there is 29 acres of privately owned woods. The area is densely wooded with hilly terrain, meadows of wildflowers and grasses and a spring fed creek in the valley.

Visually the colony is eye appealing and all cats are living in peace and are out of danger.  But from the description one can only imagine.  So I used the design tool to create the art expression set bellow.

This set  shows you what my feral cat colony looks like. The only thing missing from this set is the shelters and feeding stations.  The products viewed in this set are from my print on demand shop at and these products were designed from photographs of my favorite feral cats.

Know that the colony of cats does fluctuate, some cats move on or become a part of the food chain.  There are predators in the woods and nature does have a way to keep balance.

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