Tuesday, April 14, 2015

NO DROP ZONE Signs Requested for Neighborhood

Today I sent an email to the director of animal control for my city and asked him if they would assist my community with a sign installed on the public area that is adjacent to the woods to deter the animal abandonment. I asked if they could put up a NO DROP ZONE sign that would state that this area was not a drop off for cats or dogs with list of area pet shelters.
In addition I requested a notation to be added as a reminder to the leash laws because  neighbors are known to turn their dogs loose in the woods and when you are hiking on the nature trails it is uncomfortable to have a stray dog barking and growling at you. 

 These dogs think the woods is theirs and owners are not conscious of others or neighborhood cats that may be playing in the woods.

I am hoping that a sign will be installed along the perimeters of the woods in my neighborhood because every spring and summer so many cats are abandoned and it is hard to rescue all of them. We have coyote in our woods and a domestic cat does not have a chance of survival as they do not know where to go for safety nor do they know how to forage.

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