Friday, June 24, 2011

Microchip ID Reunites Lost Cats with Owner

Cats that have microchip identification may get lost but when they are found and brought to the Humane Society or veterinarian's office the cat will be scanned and the identification will be indicated and the owner of cat will be contacted. 

Your outdoor cat may walk to the neighbors yard to see the sights or your cat will explore the entire neighborhood.  Some cats have a fantastic sense of direction, and other cats, especially older cats have a weakened sense of smell and eyesight and these cats usually get lost. 

I have picked up several cats over the years and posted their description in the newspaper, hung found signs around my neighborhood but nobody came to collect the cats.  None of the cats had collars or microchips so I had no idea who their masters were.  

Somewhere there was a woman, man or child missing their cat, but I did not know where the cat lived and could not take the cat to its home.  I took all of the cats to my veterinarian and he scanned the cats for a microchip.  The microchip identification is a way to provide your cat with pet owners contact information. If your cat goes outside to play then have your veterinarian surgically implant a microchip under the cat’s skin. 

It is also smart to put a breakaway collar and a custom pet identification tag on your cat.  Then visually your cat will not look like a stray and if the cat is lost the finder will be able to contact you.


  • It is best to know where your cat is and to not allow them to explore the neighborhood for days.  Get your cat spayed or neutered and they will stay close to home.
  • Prevent your cat from getting lost by getting them a microchip and keeping them indoors.  Microchip is useful for all cats.  If there is a tornado or other disaster your cat may run away because they are frightened. A microchip ID is a identification device that will help your to recover your cat. 
  • The gray and white cat seen in the photo bellow was rescued from the extreme cold.  The cat has a microchip but owners never paid the fee to have cat registered.   I am sure his owners are worried about their cat but without a collar with a tag or a registered chip it is hard to reunite owner with cat.
Microchip ID Reunites Lost Cats with Owner
Russian Blue Mix Cat has unregistered microchip

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