Gifts for Cat Lovers

If you are a cat lover then you will love these adorable gift ideas. There are cute as they can be T-shirts, mugs, cards and more.  Many of the gifts  are from my zazzle shop (Susang6) and they were designed from my original photographs of the feral and rescued cats in my care.  View  precious watercolor cat art finds from  other designers at  

Why don't you pour yourself a cup of coffee and take a few minutes to view this collection of adorable cat gifts  Click on the card or the blue link to learn more about the product or to buy.  

Feral cat postage stamps 


These T-shirts are my zazzle designs and I think they are as cute as they can be.  Perfect for the cat person that loves and cares for cats.

Black Maine Coon Cat T-Shirt Tshirts
Black Maine Coon Cat T-Shirt Tshirts by Susang6
Design cheap custom t shirts from

And here is a tabby cat outfit that I put together at polyvore, I feature a shirt that I designed, black leggings and coordinating accessories ,  This set shows you that a cat lover can wear a fashion outfit and look fabulous.

Meow Tabby Cat Gift Ideas

I always use a flyer when I am seeking adopters for my the cats.  I fill out the information and upload a photograph.  The flyer is a great way to get the word out that you have cats up for adoption.

View all of my cat designs  here.  There is something for every cat lover.  

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