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Since 1999 my husband and I have been caring for a feral cat colony that is located in the Ozark mountain foot hills, these forest cats are not like city feral cats as they reside in small crevices in the rock or in thickets.   The feral cats are terrified of humans and will not come close to the  neighborhood homes during the daylight hours.  But since we have been caring for the cats for a very long time, a few ferals will come to our yard to lie in the garden, or by the pond. 

Know that we have taken up the cause to take care of the  feral, abandoned and stray cats in this section of the woods. A few neighbors help us and we are grateful.

Here is a photograph of four week old feral kitten that we trapped. The mother cat was hurt and had to be trapped and taken for medical care.   We put straw in the trap so feral cat or kitten is comfortable.

Rescued feral kitten that was injured

In order to provide the cats with food and water my husband and I hike  through the woods to 80 foot ridge and there we use a clicker to call for the cats.   Some cats come other cats watch from afar.

Twice a day we leave the food and water and then step back 30 feet to watch the cats with our field glasses. The cats all wait patiently for their turn at the food and water bowel and when the cats are finished eating they will go their separate ways to cleanup after their meal. That is when we remove the food bowl, and refill the water bowl before heading back home.  We also have a feeding station in our backyard.
Feeding feral cats at backyard shelter

We pay for all of the cat’s medical needs as well as their food and shelter out of our pocket and from my online earnings, zazzle gift shop, and from the advertisement on my blogs. There are a few neighbors in our community that also help us by taking a feeding shift and occasionally will give us cat food.  

You might ask us why we are private cat caregivers and I can only respond by saying we love cats and we want to provide them with a better life.  
Feral cat sleeping in bed of straw in backyard shed shelter

Thank you for stopping by and viewing this blog,  I do appreciate your support! 

Best Regards
Susan Golis
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