Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rescued Cat with Frostbite Gets a Forever Home

The stray (no collar) cat that was rescued during extreme cold weather was treated for a mild case of frostbite on front paws.  This cat was kept in crate located in my heated mudroom for three for recovery.
Rescued Cat with Frostbite Gets Forever Home
Rescue Cat in Pet Crate

This cat’s pet owner was located and they confirmed that cats have fur and do not need an insulated shelter.  They expected the cat to go under their front porch that had a foundation wind block and open lattice on three sides.  Pet owner said; “the leaves underneath provided ample insulation when weather was extreme cold.”  I agree that leaves do provide some warmth but they are worthless if they become damp from snow or rain and when temperature is below zero.

The cat did not agree with the pet owner because cat was seen going into the neighborhood sewers prior to my husband rescuing the cat during a snow storm.

We offered to assist pet owner by making the porch area insulated and a safer shelter for the cat.  They agreed to the assistance but never came to pick up their cat.  So we did what every cat lover does, we found the kitty, that had frostbite, a forever home.  Another cat lover in my neighborhood agreed to take in the cat by allowing it access to their heated and air cooled garage.  The cat will have indoor outdoor privileges on warm days only and will be kept indoors at night.

We are pleased with the results of this cat rescue as this cat it is a happy ending for the rescued kitty that had frostbite.

Frostbite takes only minutes to set in.  Cats are susceptible to frostbite learn more by viewing this video:

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Extreme Cold Weather Causes Cat to Get Frostbite

Where I reside the winter has been bitter cold and our city had notified the pet owners with newspaper posts and on the nightly news about keeping cats and dog indoors during the extreme cold weather. So  I was surprised to see a neighbors short haired tabby going into the neighborhood sewer for shelter.  The cat spent 2 nights in the sewer and on the following night when it was extremely cold (5 below zero) we rescued the tabby from the bitter cold weather and brought him indoors.  We dried him off with warm towels and then brought the cat to our heated mudroom where we have cat crates set up. 
Rescue Cat in Crate 

The rescued cat was behaving badly.  He meowed loudly and when he was not meowing he tore up his disposable litter box, knocked over his water and food.   My husband held the cat and I cleaned up his crate.  Lined the crate with newspaper, filled anew disposable litter box and then folded over a towel for cat to use as a bed.

Put the cat back into the crate and he again tore up his litter box, knocked over his water and made another mess.  Once again my husband removed the cat and when I went to clean up his crate I found that the cat had diarrhea and suspected that this could be a symptom of frostbite or stress.

We examined the cat’s ears, nose, scrotum, paw pads and toes, all areas where there is not thick covering of hair.  The skin appeared to be pale and blotchy white on his paws this I knew was a sign of frostbite. 

Learn more about this rescued cat at Pet Owner Leaves Cat out in Extreme Cold Weather

Friday, February 7, 2014

Cat Found in Snow Storm Was Reunited with Owners

The little tabby that I found at 10 p.m. sitting in the snow under my lilac bush spent the night in a pet crate in my heated mudroom.  This house cat was covered with snow and had no claws so I suspected he got out and did not know how to go home.
Cat Found in Snow Storm Was Reunited with Owners
Cat walking in snow

Normally when I find a lost cat I will post flyers in the neighborhood and put an ad in the classified section of our paper.  But today I did not have to any of that because a women was on my block looking for her cat.
Cat Found in Snow Storm Was Reunited with Owners
Feral cat in winter snow

I informed her how I found the cat; sitting under my lilacs bush when it was snowing, the cat was covered with snow and did not know how to find shelter on a bitter cold night.  She told me I never should have brought him into my house, that if he got cold enough he would have gone home.  The woman said the cat has fur and can be left outdoors in winter.
Cat Found in Snow Storm Was Reunited with Owners
Feral cat at feeding station in winter

Many cat owners assume that because the cat has a thick coat that they can be left outdoors throughout the winter months and do not need an insulated shelter.  What cat owners do not realize is that cats are susceptible to frostbite on the tip of their ears, nose, tail and toes.  Cats that are left out in the extreme cold will suffer from hypothermia and this condition puts the cat’s life at risk.   
KH outdoor insulated cat house

I made my recommendation by suggesting a KH insulated outdoor cat house from to the cat owner or to buy an insulated dog igloo medium sized from PetSmart or Wal-Mart and provide the cat with self heating pad.  So the outdoor cat will have a shelter to go to when there is snow, rain, wind or extreme cold. 


Here are some cats in snow cards that I designed from my photographs of feral cats in my care.  All photographs were captured in the Ozark Mountains.  Enjoy!