Saturday, October 16, 2010

National Feral Cat Day

National Feral Cat Day, an annual feral cat awareness day.  A day to educate and to make others aware of Alley Cat Allies and their pledge to help control feral cat population by the trap neuter and release program.  For me it is a time for me to reflect on the year and the work that I have accomplished by being a feral cat caregiver.

The volunteer service  that my husband and I do for the feral, stray and abandoned cats in our neighborhood is done out of love for the cats.  

We oversee the colony of cats along with two neighbors and we work together to provide the cats with medical care, nourishment and shelter.  We pay for their needs out of our pocket and I design gifts at from my photographs to raise money for the cats.
Kitten at doorway of our shed/shelter

Feral cat at thicket den
We provided woods cats with straw to walk on when snow too deep
Rescued 4 week old kitten for medical care
Cleared a path so cats in woods could come to feeding station
After blizzard cleared the sewer so cats could get out
Rescued wounded cat and kittens and took in for medical care
Hiked through 2 feet of show to feed cats in thicket dens
Provide warm beds for feral cats in winter
Care for cats at the shelter
Feral Cat Recuperating after Spay
Lost Cats at Shelter
Caring for Forest cats / 2 kittens and queen by den entrance

In the last year, we trapped many paid for their sterilization and vaccinations as well as preventative vaccines.  We also saved a feral queen cats life along with her three five week old  kittens.  

The queen cat fought off a wild animal that attacked her kittens, the orange tabby kitten need medical care.  I trapped her and her kittens and they all received medical care, however they needed to stay in the animal clinic for 21 days due to a serious infection.

Out of the 16 cats that we trapped, we were able to socialize and adopt five cats into forever homes, seven of the adult feral cats returned to the colony and the remaining four cats live with my husband and I.

I believe in the Alley Cat Allies cause and will continue to protect and improve the lives of feral cats in my neighborhood.  Any feral or stay cat that I come in contact with will be given a bowl a food, fresh water and if I am able to do so I will trap them for spay, neuter and for medical care.   

I will rescue and protect the feral cats from a life of hardship.  They will always find food and water and the door open at my shelter. My husband and I and the two civic minded neighbors will always care for the feral cats in our neighborhood.

Feral Cat Print print
View this video to learn more about Alley Cat Allies.

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