Thursday, June 30, 2011

Interview Questions For Cat Adoption

Interviewing cat adopters is very important as it protects the cat from being mistreated, or put outside to fend on their own. 

You need to find the right adopters for all socialized feral, stray or house cats that are in need of a new home.   Matching the right cat with the adopter will ensure that the cat will have a forever home. 

Many people fall in love with kittens but forget that they need a lot of attention and also training.  A woman contacted me about a kitten that I had up for adoption and I agreed to meet with her and chat.  I asked her a few questions and found out that she worked nights and slept during the day.  She also preferred peace and quiet and did not have a lot of time to spend with the kitten.  She told me she wanted the kitten to curl up in a ball and sleep at the foot of her bed.  

Based on the information that the woman provided me I knew she was not suited for a kitten and so I matched her up with an adult Maine Coon cat that was very affectionate, had perfect manners and enjoyed sleeping on the bed during the day.  They  were well suited and the cat found a forever home.  So it is important to chat with all of the adopters by asking them questions.

Here is my list of questions for the cat adopters.

1. Have you had cats before?
2. Are there any other pets in your home?
3. Are your pets spayed or neutered?
4. Do you have young children? What are their ages?
5. Do you live in rental home or apartment?
6. Can you have pets where you live?
7. If you move and you cannot have pets what will you do with your cat?
8. Will the cat be allowed to go outside?
9. Do you have a veterinarian?
10.If the cat is afraid of you and his new surroundings and he hisses at you what will you do? 
11. What kind of cat do you want?  One that is laid back and likes to cuddle or one that likes to play and entertain you?
12. How much time will you spend with your cat?

Based on these questions I will get a good feel for the adopter and their relationship with cats. 
Cat ready for adoption

If the adopter is unable to take care of the cat I always ask them to call me.  I will take back the cats and work to place them in another home.  This prevents the cat from being put outside to fend on their own or taken to a shelter.

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