Friday, July 1, 2011

Get Ready for Cat Adoption - Finding Adopters

Putting a cat up for adoption is not an easy thing to do. You must prepare your cat for the adoption and then go through the necessary steps to network the community for adopters. 

I have rescued and adopted out many cats over the years, and sometimes I find adopters quickly other times I have to work at it. There are cat lovers in every community; you just need to find them.


If you plan to put your cat up for adoption then you will need to locate your cat's medical records, purebred certificates and check to make sure that your cat is current with all of their vaccinations. Put your cat's medical records in a large envelope, along with an assortment of photographs; kitten, junior and adult cat in cute poses. 

Make copies of these photographs so you will have one too.  When all the necessary paperwork is in the envelope you would then set the envelope where it is accessible. This is what you will give the adoptive cat parents.

If you purchased a purebred cat then contact the breeder. Briefly explain your situation. Inquire to see if they would take your cat back or perhaps, they would assist you in finding an adoptive family for your cat. They may know of someone who would be interested in your cat. 

If your cat is a sweet little tabby and is not a purebred with certificate then you will need to find your cat a new home.  

Get your cat ready for adoption by bathing the cat and brushing their coat.  If you cat has fleas then apply a flea treatment.  Check the cat’s nails and if they are sharp then clip the tip of the nail. A well-groomed cat will be more desirable to potential adopters.  

After the grooming is completed you would pose your cat and take several photographs.  Use these photographs on your adoption flyer.  You can select a flyer at; choose the weight of the paper, upload your photographs and add your own text.  If you intend on using a professional flyer to network your cat for adoption then order the flyer a week to ten days before your start your adoption campaign. 
Flyer Information:
  • Cat name
  • Cat’s physical description and age
  • Cat’s characteristics  
  • Include information such as cat gets along with other pets, loves kids
  • Cat is spayed or neutered. 
  • Cat is current on vaccinations. 
  • Include your name and contact information.

Network your adoptable cat by contacting your friends, family and coworkers. Accomplish this by emailing the cat adoption flyer. (scan the flyer into your computer) Circulate the flyers throughout your neighborhood by posting at your church, gym, and to members of your social groups. Also, give your veterinarian a stack of flyer's for their front desk. Hand them the flyers with one hand and a freshly baked plate of cookies in the other hand. The cookie gesture does go a long way. 

Finding a new home for your cat can happen very quickly or it may take some time to adopt out your cat. Whatever you do, do not give up. Keep networking your community; get everyone involved, word of mouth is the best way to find a new home for your cat.

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