Saturday, July 16, 2011

Why cats Pee outside of litter box - Cat Behavior

When a cat pees outside their little box they are telling you that something is wrong.  Bad behavior such as this is general due to the litter box being dirty or the cat is anxious or under stress. Peeing outside of the litter box may also be a  sign of illness.   

The best way to determine why your cat is peeing outside of their litter box is to watch your cat and to note all unusual behavior.  Is your cats diet the same?  Are they drinking water excessively?  These may be signs of a medical concern.  If you suspect illness then make an appointment with your veterinarian for a wellness exam.

Why cats Pee Outside of Litter Box

If you suspect that your cats peeing outside the litter box is due to stress, anxiety or other behavior then follow these tips.

Check the litter boxes to make sure they are clean, cats generally will pee outside the box if the litter smells like ammonia.  

If you have more than one cat then provide each cat with their own litter box, or get a self cleaning box. Cats do not like to share their boxes. 

Have there been any changes in the household?  New pet or person.  Has the stay at home mom gone back to work?  Cats do not like change and if you have an unexpected house guest whether it is people or another pet your cat will become fearful and suffer from stress and as a result of the change to the household they may pee outside of their box.  

If you suspect that your cat is reacting to a change in your household then I recommend that you treat your cat's environment with comfort zone by feliway. The comfort zone product is for cat behavior; stress and anxiety.  The formula mimics the cat’s facial pheromone.  A room that is treated with the comfort zone diffuser will allow all cats to feel calmer. Your cat will go back to using their litter box, and they will not show aggressive behavior to other cats or dogs. 

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