Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Petmate Cat Taxi Kennel Bennefits

When it comes to a cat carrier I always recommend the Petmate Pet Taxi Fashion Kennel.  This is a small sized carrier that is ideal for a 16 pound cat.

My cat Sam in Petmate cat taxi

What I like about this carrier is that it is quality made; heavy duty plastic that is light weight when you carry your cat in it.  It also has ventilation openings on the sides which allows for the cat to look out and not feel so confined and it also allows for air circulation. 

When I use this cat carrier for the stray or house cats being transported to the veterinarian the animals are calmer.   I think it is due to the air circulation and because the cats can look out the sides.  

Another feature is that you can put the carrier away in your closet and it does not take up a lot of space or you can slide it under a bed when it is flat as it collapses easily, this is good if you have limited space.


1.  This size carrier can also be used for dog or other small animal.  A baby raccoon fits well and also an adult rabbit. 
2.  My Siamese cat Sam loves this carrier and I have trained him to go into it as his "safe place".   I  set up the kennel by lining with a soft fleece blanket. and when it rains or he is scared he will go into the kennel and is comfortable.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Keep Cats Warmer with Snuggle Safe Heating Pad

Keeping the outdoor cats warm in winter can be challenging if your winter months are bitter cold.  I take care of the outdoor cats with KH outdoor heated cat houses.

KH outdoor insulated cat house

I also have handmade wooden insulated cat houses that are overstuffed with straw.  The straw is a natural way to provide insulation however when the temperature dips into the single digits I am always worried about the cats

Feral cat sleeping in shelter

Today I found a product online that will add extra warmth to the straw cat beds without the use of electricity.  The Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pad is warmed in your microwave and will keep your outdoor cats bed warm for up to ten hours. 

Straw and fleece blanket in cat shelter

While I like the product, I never buy without checking it out and so I called one of the cat caregivers to ask if they heard of this heat pad.  Sure enough one of girls had bought the snuggle safe pet bed microwave heating pad and told me to buy it.

Insulated cat shelter

Features and Benefits:

  1. The heating pad is small in size but that does not mean that it is less effective.  Once it is heated in your microwave the snuggle safe heating pad will keep your outdoor cat house warmer in winter.
  2. For best results, heat the pad in your microwave and then set it underneath the straw in the corner of the outdoor cat shelter so that the cat does not lie directly on top of it.  The cat then can move closer to the heat if there is a chill in the house or they can lie on straw that is not heated by the pad.
  3. Another way to use the heated pad is for cat beds in the garage or on an unheated porch.  Put the pad under a fleece blanket and the cat will snuggle up to the heat and stay warm for ten hours.
  4. The Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pad is  inexpensive, easy to use, and will keep cats warm

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Setting Up KH Outdoor Heated Cat Houses for Stray and Feral Cats

For tonight the weather advisory is for 80% snow and bitter cold temperatures, this winter storm makes it difficult for the feral and stray cats to find shelter.  One of my neighbors gave me a KH outdoor heated cat house and I am setting it up on cement blocks in area that will provide a wind block.

Normally I would set up the outdoor cat shelter in an area way from human traffic but the directions stated that is was not advisable to plug the electrical cord for the heated pad into an extension cord.  I needed to set the cat house up on patio, close to the electrical outlet.  This of course is not the best location because feral cats prefer to be hidden. 

Hopefully the feral cat will enter the house out of desperation and will find that the heated bed will provide them with warm comfortable heat and shelter from the wind.

Features that I like:

  1. What I like about the KH outdoor heated cat house is the two doors; an entrance and exit which keep an outdoor cat safe.  If a predator comes to the front door they can exit out the back.  
  2. The entrance and exit also has a clear plastic door flap which keeps snow, wind and rain out.
  3. The low voltage heating pad is not hot to the touch; the heating unit responds to the pressure of the cat, warms the bed when cat lies on the pad.