Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Petmate Cat Taxi Kennel Bennefits

When it comes to a cat carrier I always recommend the Petmate Pet Taxi Fashion Kennel.  This is a small sized carrier that is ideal for a 16 pound cat.

My cat Sam in Petmate cat taxi

What I like about this carrier is that it is quality made; heavy duty plastic that is light weight when you carry your cat in it.  It also has ventilation openings on the sides which allows for the cat to look out and not feel so confined and it also allows for air circulation. 

When I use this cat carrier for the stray or house cats being transported to the veterinarian the animals are calmer.   I think it is due to the air circulation and because the cats can look out the sides.  

Another feature is that you can put the carrier away in your closet and it does not take up a lot of space or you can slide it under a bed when it is flat as it collapses easily, this is good if you have limited space.


1.  This size carrier can also be used for dog or other small animal.  A baby raccoon fits well and also an adult rabbit. 
2.  My Siamese cat Sam loves this carrier and I have trained him to go into it as his "safe place".   I  set up the kennel by lining with a soft fleece blanket. and when it rains or he is scared he will go into the kennel and is comfortable.

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