Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Some People Should Not Adopt a Cat

In my search to find adopter for kitten I have learned that many people want cats for the wrong reason and that finding responsible cat owners is not an easy task.

Some people want to adopt kittens because they are cute, but they do not want them to bite, scratch or play too hard. They want the kittens to be trained to play on command and then sleep the rest of the day.  I suspect that these are the people that put their kittens out of the house.

Other people want a cat because all you need to do is feed them and change their litter box when it stinks.  These people think that you do not need to play with them or pet them like a dog,  because unlike a dog cats are not affectionate. So you can leave them to travel for a week an not worry.
My tortoiseshell cat in her cozy purr-pad bed in garage.

Then there are the cat adopters who only want a cat to live outdoors under their porch all year round to control the rodents, and I suspect these people have no intention of giving cat proper shelter or cat food.

Some people are eager to adopt a cat but do not take into consideration that somebody in the household is allergic to cat dander.   Even with good intentions to keep house allergen free it never works out for the benefit of the cat.

Then there are the cat adopters that associate black cats as being evil and will adopt them only to torture them and let’s not forget the people who raid the shelters for black cats for their Halloween party and then put them out of the house the next day without providing the black cat with food or outdoor shelter.

This is why I say that some people should not adopt a cat.
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