Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Purr Pad Cat Cushion Review

Calico cat loves the purr pad
Cat on Purr Pad Cushion
When the wind starts to blow and the temperature turns cold I look for ways to keep the indoor and shelter cats warm. This year I bought purr pads for my cats.  

The purr pads absorb the heat and hold it to keep the cats warm and cozy. Purr pads are affordable and a good product for multiple cat homes and outdoor cat houses.

The 20 x 20 pads are not fancy; they are charcoal or white in color and are made of polyester fibers that have a fluffy appearance.  These fibers are the insulator that absorbs your cat’s body heat and helps to keep your cat warm.  

The polyester texture is rough to the touch and reminds me of scouring pads.  While I do not like the feel of the cat cushion all of my cats like the pad as they all sit or lay on the pads and ignore their other cat beds..  

The purr pad will prevent the cat from getting cold when they lie on the floor. And for outdoor insulated cat houses you should set the pad on the floor and then surround the pad with a hefty layer of straw. 

The straw will provide extra insulation and will keep the cat cozy and warm sleeping chamber.  For outdoor cats that take shelter in a garage or shed then set the pad in an area that is away from draft; kitty door or open garage door.

Because of the reasonable price for the self heating pads I was able to buy 3 sets of 2 for the outdoor cats that come to my garage shelter.   These pads are a good for colony caregivers that provide cats with an outdoor shelter.  They are also good for inside/outside cats that take shelter in a garage and indoor cats. The pad will protect your furniture as it will hold the cat hair, dander and fleas.

You can launder the pad in a large zippered laundry bag.  Wash on the delicate cycle and line dry.

These pads will last a long time.   My cat cushions have been used by 5 indoor cats and my Boxer dog carried the pad around like a stuffed toy before he lay on the pad.   The pad held up and looks good.  

The purr pad is handcrafted in the US from recycled materials.  It is non allergenic and is non toxic.

If you pad start to age from wear and cats nails then cover the pad with cotton fabric.  Make a cover and slip it over the cushion, you can then extend the life of the purr pad

Watch your cats for abuse.  Some cats like to rip the fibers from the pad and if they swallow the fibers it may harm the cat. If you have a destructive cat then it is not wise to allow this cat access to the pad unless you make a cover that prevents the cat access to the polyester fibers.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Aegean Cat Breed Characteristics

If you are the owner of an Aegean then you have an intelligent cat that wants to please their humans.  This cat breed is social, talkative and playful.  A medium sized cat that is a good choice for small house or apartment.

Aegean cats originate from the Cycladic Islands in the Aegean Sea.  This intelligent cat is renowned for their skills in pest control.  

My cat Missy is the first one on the scene whenever a fly, roach or field mouse enters our home.  She has stealth like skills and knows exactly what needs to be done to get rid of all of the pests in our house.

Aegean cats like being around their humans Missy is always trying to get my attention.  While I work at my desk she will tap my hand with her paw repeatedly until I stop to get her attention.  She is also insistent when it comes to time for play.  If I do not stop whatever I am doing she will bring her toys to me and drop them at my feet.  

I think this cat breed makes a perfect companion for a person who lives alone. The cat is an attentive companion.
Aegean Kitten /14 weeks

The Aegean cat is semi long haired cats, with no down hair, however there is a slight ruff.  The cats coat will provide the cat with warmth especially if it goes indoors and outdoors in winter.  In the summer the cat will shed the winter coat.  So it is best to groom your cat weekly to prevent a build up hair on your floors and furniture.

Markings and Coat Colors
The Aegean cats coat is a bi-color and the primary color is white.  The white fur takes up to 1/3 to 2/3 of the body.  Other coat colors appear with or without stripes.

This medium sized cat has a muscular build.  The body is long, with medium size and rounded shaped paws. The tail is long and straight.  The head is medium in size and the ears hare a wide base, rounded tips and are covered with hairs.  The eyes are beautiful shades of green and have a slight oriental shape.  

Learn more about the Aegean cat by viewing this YouTube video:

Train Aegean cat with a clicker and they will entertaining you with their agility and their skills.  


Monday, September 17, 2012

Best Food for Feral Cats of All Ages

Feral Cat eating Evolve Cat Food

The best way to provide feral cats of all ages with complete nutrition and a balanced diet is to buy a cat food that is formulated for cats from kittens to senior. 

There are many commercial foods available for all ages of cats and it is best to choose a food that does not have corn or gluten and is high in protein.  Cats are carnivores and need protein in their diet to be healthy.   

The cat colony that I oversee is small; 7 cats come to my feeding station daily and they are all ages.  I feed the cats Evolve cat food.  Evolve is a natural cat food that is has high protein that satisfies a cats natural carnivorous instincts.  The food also provides the cat with nutrients for health and vitality. 

The feral cats all seem to like the taste of the Evolve maintenance cat food and I have noted no stomach upset. 

Another way to feed cats of all ages is to make the cats a raw turkey cat food.  If you enjoy cooking and you know your way around a kitchen then you may want to make up a batch of raw cat food. The best diet for cats of all ages (kitten to senior) would be to feed them raw foods.  Here is a recipe for turkey cat food.  It is best to use a whole turkey when making this recipe.


  1. Along with the all ages cat food I will supplement the cat’s diet with Grizzly Salmon oil.  This  pure salmon oil comes from Alaskan Salmon.  The oil contains omega 3, Omega 6 and Arachidonic fatty acids.  The fish oil helps the cats circulation, is good for their heart, skin, coat.  It is also in controlling pain from arthritis.  I add one tablespoon to the food in the bowl and then mix well. 
  2. When I feed the cats  I will wait at 10 feet from the feeding station until the cats are finished eating and then I will remove the cat food bowls.  Any food that is leftover will attract insects or predators; dog, fox or coyote. 
  3. Feed dry food in winter because it does not freeze. 
  4. Provide cats with fresh water at each feeding.