Monday, October 1, 2012

Getting Rid of Cat Urine Smell in Yard

Feral Cat crossing meadow
Feral cat in yard
If you smell cat urine in your yard or garden then this is a sign that your yard has been marked as the cat's territory.   

Tomcats and female cats in heat will spray to communicate with other cats.  When the cat urine smell is very strong it is due to the cats hormones during mating.   

 Get rid of the cat urine foul smell with non-toxic products that will not hurt living things and the environment.

Treat the cat urine smell with white vinegar.  Use the vinegar full strength to remove tough stains and orders.   Vinegars acetic properties make it useful for cleaning and deodorizing tough stains and odors.

Treat the cat marking by pouring the white vinegar into a trigger spray bottle and then spray the urine and stain thoroughly. Saturate the area and leave it to dry. 

Another way to get rid of cat urine smell in your yard is to buy an enzyme formula to break down the odor.     

Check your pet supply store for products.  The product that I recommend is Nature’s Miracle cat odor destroyer.  I learned about Nature’s Miracle from my veterinarian as this is the product they use in their office and kennel.  This product has a pleasant scent and removes the cat urine stain and smell well.  

Apply the formula by saturating the area with an even spray.   The natural enzymes break down the stain and smell without harming the environment.  When you treat the cat urine with Nature’s Miracle the stain and smell will disappear.  The feral cats that are in heat will not return to the treated area to mark their territory. 

The best way to get rid of the cat smell in your yard is to trap the tomcat or female cat and take the cats in to be neutered or spayed. When cats are sterilized they no longer have the urge to mate and to mark or spray their territory with urine.

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