Monday, October 15, 2012

Blog Reunites Owner with Rescued Bengal-Mix Cat

Since 1999 my husband and I have been rescuing abandoned cats in our neighborhood.  We work with two of our neighbors to pick up these cats that are left behind, to take them to the veterinarian and to find them new homes. 

A few weeks ago I published an article on a rescued Bengal-mix cat that had showed up in our neighborhood in July of 2012.  The cat terrified of humans was well groomed, neutered and declawed.  

At first we suspected that the cat had gotten lost and we notified the newspaper by posting a found cat and we posted flyers in our neighborhood. There was no response.  

Photograph of lost cat cutting through a yard:
Lost Bengal Cat
In the past month the blog post about the Bengal mix cat was shared 26 times and within a month the original owner had contacted me by email and told me that I should call the Bengal by the name of  KAT and if he responds then it is his cat.  

The owner had raised the cat from a kitten, he was a Bengal-mix house cat that he had surrendered in June 2012 to a family that lived two blocks from my home. The original pet owner suspected that the adopted owner had put the cat outside due to the cats marking behavior.

I immediately went outdoors to test the name on the the Bengal cat.  He was sitting on my patio furniture so  I sat across from the cat and addressed him by saying Kat.

The Bengal looked up and made a funny sounding meow. After I addressed the cat with his proper name he warmed up quickly, rubbed on my legs and was very talkative.

Blogging is an effective way to locate the original cat’s owners and to obtain a history on the cat as well as reuniting cat with their owner.   A happy ending for this rescued cat.

Thank you to all of my friends who helped to get the word out about the Bengal-mix cat.

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