Friday, December 19, 2014

Interviewing Cat Caretaker Voulenteers

As a feral cat colony caretaker since 1999 I have learned that not everyone is suited to be a volunteer. That is why I have an informal interview with all people who are interested in helping out with the cat colony. This interview helps me to determine the right position for the volunteer.

Some Caretakers care for feral kittens 

As an example; a friend contacted me today and told me that she would like to help out with taking care of the  cats in our neighborhood, She said she would like to participate in feeding the cats that were close to her home. 

I told her that I would do a schedule for her and that she would be responsible for providing the cats with their food and water and that she must be punctual that there was no excuse for weather, they cats had to be fed during rain, snow or sleet. I also noted that if she could not feed the cats at a specific time that it was up to her to find a replacement caretaker.

My friend told me that if it was pouring rain or snowing that she would not leave her house to feed the cats and I reminder her that they were dependent upon their human caretaker to feed them and if she was not going to leave the comforts of her home then how would they eat? My friend replied they are cats and are resourceful so they will have to hunt for their meal on a rainy or snowy day.
All cats must be fed daily, no excuses

From her response to my question I knew we cold not depend on her for regular feedings and that she did not take the cats seriously so I offered her the position of cleaning out the cat beds, changing the straw and or helping with trapping the cats for spa or neuter or maybe she would be interesting in networking community for cat adoptions. 

Setting up Feral Cats Winter Feeding Station

The weather is getting colder  and husband and I thought it would be best to move the feral cats feeding station closer to the house. We may have snow or icy weather and the location in the woods would be difficult to get to. 

 In order to get to the feeding station I need to hike a good 70 feet from my home and normally this is not a problem but coyote have migrated over into our woods and personally I do not like setting up the woods station with food because it puts cats in harms way.
Cat inside thicket den in woods

It would be better to have the feeding station close to my detached garage where there is a kitty door and warm beds inside.  Better and safer for the cats to be in the shelter rather than in their thicket dens in the woods.  
Feeding station close to house

With the help of my husband we shut down the feral cat feeding station in the woods and set up a new one closer to the house. 

 We selected an area that has a windblock due to the backside of the detached garage, it also provides a safe passage to our yard from the back entrance to the park. then there is an overhang from the garage roof that protects the station from rain.  

The front of the feeding station is blocked from view due to the ornamental grasses and then the entrance to our garage shelter is eight feet away from the new winter feeding station.  

Here is a photo of one of the feral cats sleeping in straw bed inside our garage shelter.  I am hoping that with the feeding station closer to the shelter that feral cats will enter and be safe and warm this winter.
I am glad the feral cats feeding station is located in the back of our yard because it is a safer place for the cats and it also enable us to provide them with food even if there is a bad weather;  snow, sleet or ice.


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

K&H Verses Wooden Cat House Comparison

We take care a few stray and feral cats and because our winters can be long and cold we did buy a few K&H outdoor cat houses and we also built some insulated wooden houses.

Know that I like the K&H thermo cat house for the stray cats that go into our shed at night but this house is no match for a shelter that has an insulated interior and wood exterior.

If you plan on setting yo the K&H cat house in your garage, shed, workshop or on a covered porch then this light weight will serve its purpose. But you cannot set it up in the middle of your yard.

The K & H cat house is easy to assemble; it goes together quickly and stays together with heavy duty Velcro. It has a heated pad with a fleece cover that is nice too, but this house needs weather protection and it is not meant for the cat to sit on top of it because the house will flatten like a pancake. Also the K&H cat house need to be protected from wind as it can easily be uplifted.

In comparison to the K & H know that the cat houses that we made from wood, can be set up anywhere and they withstand, wind, sleet and snow. We set them up against a hard service; backside of my garage or privacy wooden fence. This location blocks the wind. We also lift the wood cat house up by putting it on cement blocks, this keeps the rain runoff away from the entrance and also keep snow out of the cavity. Our wood cat houses were built well, treated with water protection and will withstand weather. We can set them up with straw and not worry about them.

The K & H heated or unheated cat house is not as durable, it needs to be kept on a porch that has weather protection. It is best suited for the garage where electrical outlet is accessible.

Learn more about K&H Thermo Cat Houses here

Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Kitten Has a Disability

Day we found kittens
My rescue kitten has special needs but we do not care because she is so sweet and loving. 

We took good care of this little rescue kitten because we knew she was not quite right. This  kitten is very small for her age, in fact her siblings are three times her size. But even though she is petite she has a big heart and tries her best to keep up with the other cats.

I suppose in nature the mother cat would have left this baby go, after all she was the runt. She was frail when I found her on the side of the road.  We always had a problem with getting her to eat and so we needed to bottle feed her, and when we weaned her we still had to feed her away from the other cats. 
My special needs kitten

We found out when she went in for her wellness exam that she is a special needs cat; underdeveloped for her age and vision disability.
Her disability makes her a special kitty, but know that we love her all the more and will eventually find her a forever home where the cat adopter will care for her and treat my rescued kitten "Sally" like a princess for the rest of her cat life.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Adopters Love Funny Kitten Photographs

Whenever I get  cats ready for adoption I always fuss with them by grooming, brushing and clipping their nails before I take their photograph.  Last week I got a call from the veterinarian’s office where I have hung a flyer and the girls suggested that I pose the kittens for a cute photo because a client was coming in that they thought would be interested.

Here us a flyer template that i use for my cats.  It is good for hanging on bulletin boards and handing out to neighbors.  I wanted to update this flyer with adorable kitten photographs.
Kittens are fast so you need to spend a day with them to get the perfect photographs.  Well that is exactly what I did, I watched them play and tried to pose them in flower pots but they really did not like posing for the camera. I wanted to get the perfect photo that would tug on the adopter’s heartstrings, but needless to say the kittens were not cooperating. 

Generally I have my camera set for motion because kittens are fast and that darling shot may be  gone in a second. Well after an afternoon of failed attempts I happened to see my tuxedo and tortoiseshell kitten sitting on the table and I thought it was a perfect shot.

Well those buggers showed me what they thought of the camera because both of them stuck their tongue out at me.  I laugh so hard when I saw the photo but brought it with me when I went to the veterinarians office the following day.  

Well everyone fell in love with the kitten giving me the raspberry and that was the photograph that got my kittens adopted. An adopter saw the photo, and wanted to meet the kittens.  She loved them both and  here is the photo that tugged on the cat adopters  heartstrings.  

My kittens got adopted because the photo showed off their adorable personalities.  

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Find Best Cat Adopters with Screening and Placement Fee

Over the year I have learned many things about finding adopters for cats.  I learned that a screening interview is imperative as well as a placement fee. These two steps help me to find the best adopters for the cats.

You would think that anyone would be overjoyed to get a well trained cat that had all of their vaccines, including feline leukemia preventative, worming and spay or neuter and microchip.  Basically all of the expense of owning a kitten or cat has been taken care of and adopter need only transfer paperwork.

 Kittens are expensive and we have taken care of all of the medical expense plus training them to be perfect little housecats.

All we asked for was $50 placement fee which I thought was nominal considering PetSmart pet charities charges $60 and humane society $65.  Many times you will need to spay or neuter and get microchip on top of the placement fee.

I was surprised when the adopters that I interviewed said no to the fee.  I thought this refusal was a red flag to the cat’s well-being as many said they did not believe in getting cats vaccinated spayed or neutered because they were cats.  (Not sure what this meant but knew they had little regard for the cats)

I kept my ground and said I am sorry this kitten is not a right match for you.  

This is why I say that it is important to screen all adopters and charge a placement fee for all cat adoptions because it enables you to determine if the adopter is a good match and will take care of the cats medical needs.  

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Some People Should Not Adopt a Cat

In my search to find adopter for kitten I have learned that many people want cats for the wrong reason and that finding responsible cat owners is not an easy task.

Some people want to adopt kittens because they are cute, but they do not want them to bite, scratch or play too hard. They want the kittens to be trained to play on command and then sleep the rest of the day.  I suspect that these are the people that put their kittens out of the house.

Other people want a cat because all you need to do is feed them and change their litter box when it stinks.  These people think that you do not need to play with them or pet them like a dog,  because unlike a dog cats are not affectionate. So you can leave them to travel for a week an not worry.
My tortoiseshell cat in her cozy purr-pad bed in garage.

Then there are the cat adopters who only want a cat to live outdoors under their porch all year round to control the rodents, and I suspect these people have no intention of giving cat proper shelter or cat food.

Some people are eager to adopt a cat but do not take into consideration that somebody in the household is allergic to cat dander.   Even with good intentions to keep house allergen free it never works out for the benefit of the cat.

Then there are the cat adopters that associate black cats as being evil and will adopt them only to torture them and let’s not forget the people who raid the shelters for black cats for their Halloween party and then put them out of the house the next day without providing the black cat with food or outdoor shelter.

This is why I say that some people should not adopt a cat.

Finding Quality Cat Adopters is Difficult

As of this date I have interviewed four adopters for the kittens that we rescued in May when they were approximately ten days old.   These kittens were sickly due to the stress and the circumstance in which we found them, in a sack in the center of the highway median.

We took utmost care of the kittens and to make sure they were strong and healthy, after they were weaned we fed them Blue Buffalo Healthy Growth kitten food, we also had sponsors for the kittens so they received all of their rabies shots, vaccines, booster shots, worming and were vaccinated for the prevention of feline leukemia.  Then husband and I went ahead and had all kittens spayed and neutered.

The kittens are housecats that use litter box, scratching post, are trained to come when called and are all crate trained.  The long haired kittens groomed daily and short haired once a week. 

Anyone who would adopt the kittens’ would not have to do anything except transfer the paperwork. We asked for a placement fee of $50, it is less than adopting a kitten from local charities or Human Society Shelter.  

Out of the six cat adopters that I interviewed there was only one match and Harry our gray and white kitten was adopted into his forever home. The other  kittens are in waiting for their forever family .  

The other adopters were either living in apartments that had a pet restriction,  had family members that were allergic to cats and thus cat had to live outdoors full time and other wanted cat for rodent control only. 

This is why I say finding quality cat adopter is difficult.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rescue Cats Diagnosed with Cancer:

Out of the 89 cats and kittens that we have rescued and then adopted or placed in a cat colony only two cats were diagnosed with cancer and had to be euthanized last week.   Both cats were my housecats;  one was a rescue from an abandonment and the other was a socialized feral cat. Needless to say my heart is broken.

My rescue cat Gracie: photo captured six months before she got Cancer.
Her form of cancer came on quickly and she needed to be put down.
The attending veternarian told me that 99% of cats today develop some form of cancer and he also noted that a feral cats life expectancy is two years, an indoor /outdoor cat seven years and a housecat was 17 years.  I guess he was trying to say that my two cats were lucky to have been rescued by me, but it did not make me feel better.

For the last several years I have been feeding all cats holistic food with no soy, corn or grains and giving them bottle water.  I kept my cats indoors to prevent them being exposed to pesticides, but everything that I did was vain because in the end my two cats had cancer.  I keep asking the same question over and over again: Why did these cats get cancer?  
Two Cats Diagnosed with Cancer: Wondering Why? - Bubblews

Cat Sponsor Is Upholding Vaccine - Booster Shots Aggreement

My husband and I rescue many cats and kittens that are abandoned in the woods by our home and most of the time we pay for their care out of our pockets or from my online earnings.  Occasionally we get civic minded sponsors who help our with the veternarian costs or food.  A few months ago my husband and I found new born kittens that were put in a bag and thrown out like trash.  We rescued them by taking them into our home and cared for them, bottle fed them and helped them to go to the bathroom. Keeping them safe from harm or human abuse.

Rescued kittens

I shared the kitten story with neighbors and was delighted when two told me that they would sponsor a set of two kittens each.  Well the  one sponsor did not understand what their responsibility was because when it came time to fulfill their obligation they changed their mind.

Like any animal rescuer it was a huge let down, but there was a change of events and I am happy to share the good news and you can read all about it here :

Cat Sponsor Reconsiders Agreement: Will Pay for Vaccines - Bubblews

Sunday, August 31, 2014

When To Euthanize a Mature Cat

When it is time to put euthanize your cat it is not easy to know the signs because a cat tends to hide sickness, pain and suffering from their people.  However if you have socialized feral cats in your home then these cats will hide from you when they are ill; in the closet, under the sofa, under the bed or other furniture.   People who have a close relationship with their cats usually know when something not quite right, but sometimes the cat will dodge their owners and keep their illness a secret.

An example my 18 year old rescue cat Gracie never changed her routine; she ate, drank, used scratching post and littler box, entertained me by being playful but I suspected that something was not right because she would stare at the wall as if she was in a trance. 

I made an appointment with the veterinarian for a wellness checkup and blood screen.  I suspected maybe a cat stroke or thyroid.  I did not expect the veterinarian to say it was time to euthanize my cat.  It never dawned on me that my cat would not be going home with me. 

The veterinarian told me that my cat was legally blind, that her vision was like looking through wax paper and that she had a mass in her abdomen , that was cancer. I could not believe what I was hearing because this cat did not act blind, we had no idea.  Cancer in her abdomen, Gracie was always fussy about us touching her there, we rescued her when she was nine year old and respected her wished to brush her fur but to not touch her there. 

There were other signs of illness that I should have been aware; Gracie lying in the metal sink; the coolness of the metal relaxed her.  We did not expect illness,  we thought she was just being adorable.  But our veternarian said the cool metal on her belly comforted her and eased her pain

Looks can be deceiving, as cats hide illness from their people my cat
Gracie photo taken nine months before she was eutanized.

When it comes to caring for a mature cat I would recommend that you take them to the veterinarian every six months for a preventative checkup. Gracie had yearly checkups, but the signs of illness were not observed  because her cancer and hypertension came on quickly.  

Gracie hid her illness from me and the veterinarian said she was suffering.   Learn more about my cat Gracie here: Rescued Cat Comforted me Before Euthanasia  

Friday, August 8, 2014

Cats Get Grumpy if NOT Fed on Time

When it comes to feeding your cats it is best to keep on schedule because if cats are hungry and no food is available then they will get grumpy, grouchy and pick fights with other cats.   In short a hungry cat is not a patient cat.
Feral Cat eating cat food

Many of the rescued cats and kitten that I have taken in had gone without meals and were starving.  These cats seemed overly anxious, and their behavior was aggressive with each other as well as destructive behavior; scratching on sofa wood baseboards and or rug and not their cat scratching post.   In addition cats will vomit when they are hungry.  If you provide the cat with food then this will calm them.
Happy feral cat eating cat food

I recommend feeding cats two meals a day.  My schedule is every 12 hours for my cats.  Basically I will mix Friskies special diet canned food with Goodlife chicken recipe kibble. This food is made by Mars and contains no corn, soy or wheat.  I will then add two tablespoons of water and mix the food well.   I will put the portions for each cat in their food bowls and allow them all to eat.  If any food is left over after a half hour I will remove the food to prevent snacking as this is how cats tend to put on weight.

When I stick to my feeding schedule then the cats all get along and do not become grumpy or frantic.
Cats get along well when they are fed on time

**I found the cat food Goodlife “a thoughtful recipe by Mars” at Walmart and in comparison to other wheat, corn and soy food this cat food is moderately priced.   My cats love this food and I also feed the feral cats this food.  Unlike the other brands this food is priced right.  Mycats eat less, and food does control hairballs.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hard for Cat Rescuer to Say Goodbye to Kittens

Two months ago my husband and I found newborn kittens on the side of the highway. These kittens looked to be weeks old as many of them could not got to the bathroom on their own. Small and frail and too young to be way from their mom.  We took the kitten’s home and cared for them as if they were our own.
Calico kittens on night of rescue

Presently three out of the kittens have reached four pounds and this is the weight in which they can get their vaccines, spay or neuter.  It also signifies a time when they are ready to be adopted.

My husband and I have gotten attached to the pitter patters of running kittens through the house. Even my dogs have become nurturing: licking kittens in the morning to groom them and are very caring   but soon we must wave goodbye as the kitten sponsors’ will come to collect all but three 4 pound kittens on Monday. 
Gray and white kitten on night we rescued 

The two remaining are still underweight and cannot get their vaccines, spay or neuter until they are four pounds.

Next Monday will be hard on the kittens overall as they will be frightened and they will also be separated from each other.  The kittens are going to be donated to PetSmart pet charities as the veterinarian has good relations with the women who oversee the in store adoptions..  

I know the kittens will be adopted quickly as they are all darling and have unique markings.  Nonetheless it makes me sad and it is hard for this rescuer to say goodbye.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Nine Week Old Kitten Stopped Eating

Hairy the rescue kitten is nine week old, he has adjusted well from abandonment when he was three weeks old.  He is a big eater, loves to play and cuddle so I was surprised when he stopped eating and drinking.

I went to feed him and he sniffed and walked away I thought it was odd.  When I brought in his favorite canned food; Natural Balance chicken pate recipe with gravy on plate I expected Hairy to coming running but instead he did not get out of bed.   Hairy was sick I just knew it and he was looking dehydrated too so I knew we had a problem.  I filled his nursing bottle with replacement milk mixed with his chicken pate and started feeding him , he took to this okay and so I put the mixture on a plate and Hairy sniffed and walked away.

I thought at first he could not smell the food and that is why he fed off the bottle and not from his food bowl.   My husband said he must have eaten something that upset his stomach he will be okay. But Hairy was not okay he developed diarrhea that would not stop, the poor kitten was leaking when he walked or lay down in his bed.  This was not good so I called the veterinarian and they said they could not see him until two days later.

I continued to care for Hairy and his diarrhea did stop, but my little rescued kitten was still not eating.  So I kept the kitten close by in a crate and bottle fed him every hour.  Hairy was getting weak and would was not taking to the bottle.  I called the veternarian and there were no appointment, the only option they could offer was to bring Hairy in when doctors arrive and are getting ready for their day.  They would then have one check Hairy to determine his condition. 

So we waited two more days and on the third day Hairy weight indicated that he had lost a pound. I was certain that if we did not get veterinarian care he would die.  We rushed him to the veternarian today so he could be evaluated.  

He needed an IV and was treated for coccidia and I was told that he would be back eating and being a normal kitten within a day.  Hairy stopped eating and refused to eat or drink due to worms.  All of the rescued kittens including Hairy were wormed today and should make a full recovery.

*We rescued Hairy and  his four siblings when they were three weeks old. They were abandoned on the medium in the center of the highway at night.  

Monday, July 21, 2014

Kittens Need a Cat Scratcher

The kittens that I rescued three weeks ago are at the age where they need to learn how to scratch on a post.  So we went shopping at PetSmart today to get some ideas.

Let me tell you, there are so many scratching posts that come in a variety of styles and sizes.  Normally we buy a scratching post that fits our adult cat’s needs; the cats that scratch our Berber carpet do well with the cat scratching trees that are covered with carpet.   My one cat goes after the side of our sofa so we bought a silsal robe covered post and this style satisfied my furniture scratching cat.
Cat Adoption Guide

The five kittens that we rescued are climbers as they will climb up my body to stand on my shoulder and purr in my ear.  This behavior is a good sign that they need a cat tree or a cat scratcher that is mounted over the door like SmartCat Muliti cat climber at

Now that we have an idea as to what cat scratcher would be best we are going to watch for pet product sale. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Feeding Rescued Baby Kitten: 3 to 5 Weeks

Baby Kitten 3 weeks old
This month my husband and I rescued baby kittens. The kittens were put into a Glad trash bag and thrown out onto the center medium of the road during the night hours when the light was poor and the cars sped by.  These baby kittens were newborns as two of them had just opened their eyes and these two out of the five needed help in going to the bathroom. 

We kept the kittens isolated from our cats and decided that due to the trauma that they just endured that we would care for them until they were four lbs.

At first we fed the kitten replacement milk and then when they were 4 week old we shopped at PetSmart for a quality kitten food.  We looked at Blue Buffalo but decided to buy Wellness Core dry kitten food. This is what we are feeding the kittens, a food that will boost their immune system and help them to grow healthy and strong.  .   
Boosting kitten immune system with Wellness Core kitten food
Feeding Baby Kittens Replacement milk 

At five weed we were feeding the kitten’s softened solid food because these babies needed to put on weight. We also continued the replacement milk because it was a good way to boost their immune system.

At four weeks the kittens are weighing in approximately two pounds.   The worst thing that cat owner did was take the baby kittens away from their mom at such a young age and then put them in a bag and throw them out like trash.   I am so glad that my husband and I found the babies.  

All kittens will be put up for adoption after they get a wellness checkup at veternarian and are tested for cat disease, get their booster shots and are wormed.  If you are interested in learning more about these  kittens please leave me a comment bellow.

Here are some baby kitten photographs.  
Kittens eating wellness core kitten food
Baby Kitten Rescue Day
Baby Harry on Rescue Day

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Trapping an Injured Neighborhood Cat

Part of my duties as being a cat caretaker and rescuer is to watch over the cats and to trap them if any of them are injured. So when the black stray cat that we call Buddy showed up at the workshop with noticeable lump on his upper leg I knew that he needed veterinarian care.
Feral kitten I trapped in Live animal trap

Sometimes I can pick this cat up because he is a socialized neighborhood cat.  He is up to date with vaccines, but that was not the case today.  Generally all I need to do is call him and he will come to me, but due to the wound he ran to the back of the workshop and hid.
Buddy the Back cat lying on dog bed in workshop

I decided to set up the Havahart double door trap that I bought at in the workshop and close off the kitty door so he could not exit and other cats could not enter. 
The live animal trap was set and baited with Friskies mixed grill canned cat food.  This stinky food should attract the cat into the live animal trap.  I also left a pet water bowl outside the trap.  If the cat does not enter the trap this evening at lease he will have water to drink and will not get dehydrated.

Hoping the cat enters the animal trap because his leg needs to be looked at by a veterinarian.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happy Ending for Rescued Chartreux Cat

After four months of tying to locate the Chartreux cat’s family I finally met someone who recognized the cat and that is when I learned that this cat’s people had passed and that the cat was taken by a neighbor.  

The neighbor had no experience in caring for a cat, and thus did not realize that the cat was mourning the loss of his master and was uncomfortable with the new home.

The new cat owner thought the cat had unwarranted behavior issues and put the cat outdoors during.  It was winter when that cat was put outdoors.  There was snow and ice on the ground and the temperature bitter cold.

Being put outdoors caused the Chartreux to suffer as he did not know where to go for cat food or to seek shelter. The neighbor that took the cat did not provide a cathouse or any type of outdoor shelter. 

I am not sure why my husband decided to take a walk in a blizzard, but he did and at two in the morning he discovered the Chartreux cat sitting in the snow and meowing at the top of his lungs.  It was a distress meow and my husband reacted by lifting the cat and putting him under his overcoat.

The cat suffered from a minor case of frostbite. We took care of the cat and he regained his healthy and his spirit.

During the time that I cared for this cat I noted that he did not like women in general and I attribute that to the neighbor and that he may think all women are uncaring.  I worked with the cat every day and came to the conclusion that he would be best suited living with a single man.

At first we were going to keep this cat but he never warmed up to me and he did not get along with other cats. I am happy to say that this Chartreux gray and white cat was adopted today into a forever home and will live out his life as a housecat with a senior citizen man.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Found Tabby Cat at Park Gets a Sponsor

Two weeks ago I discovered a cat in the park lying on a dilapidated picnic table.  I did not know if this cat was feral, stray or abandoned housecat. 

All I knew is that it may be hungry so I went back home to get some cat food and water.  When I returned the cat had not moved so I set up the feeding station with dry cat food approximately 30 feet away, then stepped back to watch.  

The cat was slow to react to the cat food but when the cat came to the feeding station he at the entire bowl and drank water.

Going forward I went to the park every day to feed this cat and to get him dependent on me. My plan worked because today I looked out my back window and saw the cat in my back garden.  Presently the cat is eating in my yard daily and then lying in my irises.

Yesterday I shared my found cat in park news at my feral cat caregiver meeting and one of the volunteers offered to sponsor the cat by paying the cats veterinarian bill for sterilization, vaccines including feline leukemia, de-wormer, and revolution for ear mites, fleas and other animal parasites.  She will then pay for the cat’s food and any shelter costs for the rest of the cat’s life.

This week I will trap the park found cat for veternarian care. 

The images that you view on this post are of the cat that I found at the park.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Purina One beyond Cat Food Review

At our neighborhood cat meeting today we decided to feed the cats Purina One beyond White Meat Chicken Oatmeal cat Food instead of canned food.  We need to make a change because we can no longer feed the outdoor cats Friskies Special Diet canned cat food due to the warm weather and insects.

Feral cats eating cat food

We researched online found the best prices for this food were at and we stocked up by buying at four 13 pound bag for $23.98. Plus we got free shipping.  Buying cat food in bulk was smart because prices may increase to be the same as other pet food retailers

When it comes to feeding the shelter and outdoor stray and feral cats we think the Purina One beyond White Meat Chicken Oatmeal Cat Food is a good choice because it contains no corn, wheat or other fillers plus there are no artificial preservatives.  Unlike the other cat foods that put corn gluten meal as their first ingredient the beyond first ingredients are white meat chicken, whole oat meal, carrots and fiber for healthy digestion.

Is it the best food for cats?  I like to think that it is best for the neighborhood cats, in fact I would feed my own cats this food. I think Purina One beyond White Meat Chicken Oatmeal Cat Food is best, because it has wholesome ingredients.  the food is high in protein which is good for a cats diet.

Do the cats like it?

I mixed the old cat food with the Purina One beyond and the outdoor cats pushed away the old cat food to get to the new food.  The taste agrees with them, now it is too soon to note any changes to their coat so I will need to report my findings in 30 days.

Attribution: Fair Use  Screenshot of Purina One Beyond Adult white meat chicken and whole oat recipe cat food

Friday, March 7, 2014

One Week and No Closer to Finding Cat Owner

Last week we took the Russian blue mix cat that had unique gray and white markings to the veterinarian and found that it was microchip but was not registered. We then learned from several of our neighbors that it was a neighborhood cat that would walk on a leash with its owner but that they did not know where he lived or if he still lived in the neighborhood.

My husband put a cat harness on the cat that we found and walked the cat around the neighborhood in hopes to find the pet owner.  No owner was located but did get many remarks on how the cat walked like a dog.
Russian Blue Mix Cat
Found cat photograph

The found cat flyers that I made at still hang on the tree trunks and telephone poles but as of this date we have gotten no calls from the cat owner.   If we do not locate the owner in the next week, this cat will be put up for adoption and flyers will updated.  Here is an example of an adoption template flyer that I made for this cat.
In the meantime the lost cat has gotten used to his large cat cage and his days on the sun porch.  We had him tested for cat disease and they came back negative. We also had his nails trimmed and he got a rabies vaccine.  We prefer to keep this found cat away from our cats and do not want to socialize. 
cat cage

Know that this is a housecat that will not go outdoors unless it is on a leash and then enjoys the walks.  He prefers men over women and gets along with dogs.  This cat stays on the floor, does not jump onto kitchen cabinets, or furniture.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Setting up Comfortable Cage/Kennel for Large Cat

Normally a medium sized crate is all that I need for a small cat that is spending a few nights at my “mom and pop” cat shelter.  But when it comes to a large adult cat that needs more room I needed to get creative so this cat could have a comfortable stay while we searching for his owners.
Large rescue cat in double sized cage

I created a comfortable cat holding cage by using what I had; two medium cat cage/kennels.   I attached the two open cages together with plastic zip ties.  A total of 8 ties were needed to hold the two cat cages together.

Both crates could open on the top which made it very easy for cleaning or putting the cat into the crate and one crate had two side openings and a top opening. 
There was room for cat to stretch out and get comfortable on the self warming K & H cat bed and roll around while playing with catnip toys.  There was also a space for the litter box, a food and water bowls.  This comfortable cage was exactly what was needed for the large 15 pound cat.
Setting up comfortable cage/kennel for large cat
Comfortable cat in cage

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Animal Shelter Has Affordable Cat Care - Spay-Nueters

Due to high pet care costs at my local veterinarian we could only provide the lost, abandoned or rescued cats with a warm bed and food and water.  We no longer could  afford to pay for the cats spay or neuter, tests for feline leukemia - aids or give them their vaccines.

My veterinarian provided me with a discount and it enabled me to get many cats the veterinarian care that they needed.  But times are tough and my veterinarian needed to take back the discount. What this means is one cat  with sterilization, vaccines and disease test comes to $100.00 +

 No discount meant no more trapping feral cats for spay or neuter, disease tests and vaccines.  It also meant we had limited funds for rescued cats and we could not care for them all..  Then another cat rescuer told me to check out the prices at our local Humane Society animal shelter.

Shelter kittens

The animal shelter offers affordable  services  for all cats that are spayed or neutered at the clinic. Which means we will be able to proved  necessary veterinarian services for the cats that are abandoned in the woods by our home; as long as they are sterilized at the animal clinic.   
Rescued Gray cat
Rescued Russian Blue Mix Cat in My Shelter
It is safe to say that we are back to rescuing lost and abandoned house cats and strays as the clinic at the animal shelter has affordable prices. How to the prices compare?  Here is the breakdown: 


Feline Leukemia and Aids test:  Clinic $15.00 / Veterinarian $49.00

Spay or Neuter  Clinic $35.00 / Veterinarian $55.00 spay $45.00 Neuter

Cat Dewormer Clinic $5.00 / Veterinarian $10.00 (1 dose)

1 dose ear mite Clinic $5.00 / Veterinarian $16.00

1 dose flea- tic Clinic $5.00 / Veterinarian $16.00

Cat distemper - rabies Clinic $20.00 / Veterinarian $37.00

Based on these costs one can fully understand why there are so many pets that are not being spayed or neutered.  I would recommend all pet owners to check their city animal shelter to find out if they have a veterinarian on staff and if they offer services to resident pet owners.