Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Finding Quality Cat Adopters is Difficult

As of this date I have interviewed four adopters for the kittens that we rescued in May when they were approximately ten days old.   These kittens were sickly due to the stress and the circumstance in which we found them, in a sack in the center of the highway median.

We took utmost care of the kittens and to make sure they were strong and healthy, after they were weaned we fed them Blue Buffalo Healthy Growth kitten food, we also had sponsors for the kittens so they received all of their rabies shots, vaccines, booster shots, worming and were vaccinated for the prevention of feline leukemia.  Then husband and I went ahead and had all kittens spayed and neutered.

The kittens are housecats that use litter box, scratching post, are trained to come when called and are all crate trained.  The long haired kittens groomed daily and short haired once a week. 

Anyone who would adopt the kittens’ would not have to do anything except transfer the paperwork. We asked for a placement fee of $50, it is less than adopting a kitten from local charities or Human Society Shelter.  

Out of the six cat adopters that I interviewed there was only one match and Harry our gray and white kitten was adopted into his forever home. The other  kittens are in waiting for their forever family .  

The other adopters were either living in apartments that had a pet restriction,  had family members that were allergic to cats and thus cat had to live outdoors full time and other wanted cat for rodent control only. 

This is why I say finding quality cat adopter is difficult.
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