Sunday, October 19, 2014

Adopters Love Funny Kitten Photographs

Whenever I get  cats ready for adoption I always fuss with them by grooming, brushing and clipping their nails before I take their photograph.  Last week I got a call from the veterinarian’s office where I have hung a flyer and the girls suggested that I pose the kittens for a cute photo because a client was coming in that they thought would be interested.

Here us a flyer template that i use for my cats.  It is good for hanging on bulletin boards and handing out to neighbors.  I wanted to update this flyer with adorable kitten photographs.
Kittens are fast so you need to spend a day with them to get the perfect photographs.  Well that is exactly what I did, I watched them play and tried to pose them in flower pots but they really did not like posing for the camera. I wanted to get the perfect photo that would tug on the adopter’s heartstrings, but needless to say the kittens were not cooperating. 

Generally I have my camera set for motion because kittens are fast and that darling shot may be  gone in a second. Well after an afternoon of failed attempts I happened to see my tuxedo and tortoiseshell kitten sitting on the table and I thought it was a perfect shot.

Well those buggers showed me what they thought of the camera because both of them stuck their tongue out at me.  I laugh so hard when I saw the photo but brought it with me when I went to the veterinarians office the following day.  

Well everyone fell in love with the kitten giving me the raspberry and that was the photograph that got my kittens adopted. An adopter saw the photo, and wanted to meet the kittens.  She loved them both and  here is the photo that tugged on the cat adopters  heartstrings.  

My kittens got adopted because the photo showed off their adorable personalities.  

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