Monday, March 3, 2014

Setting up Comfortable Cage/Kennel for Large Cat

Normally a medium sized crate is all that I need for a small cat that is spending a few nights at my “mom and pop” cat shelter.  But when it comes to a large adult cat that needs more room I needed to get creative so this cat could have a comfortable stay while we searching for his owners.
Large rescue cat in double sized cage

I created a comfortable cat holding cage by using what I had; two medium cat cage/kennels.   I attached the two open cages together with plastic zip ties.  A total of 8 ties were needed to hold the two cat cages together.

Both crates could open on the top which made it very easy for cleaning or putting the cat into the crate and one crate had two side openings and a top opening. 
There was room for cat to stretch out and get comfortable on the self warming K & H cat bed and roll around while playing with catnip toys.  There was also a space for the litter box, a food and water bowls.  This comfortable cage was exactly what was needed for the large 15 pound cat.
Setting up comfortable cage/kennel for large cat
Comfortable cat in cage

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