Sunday, March 2, 2014

Animal Shelter Has Affordable Cat Care - Spay-Nueters

Due to high pet care costs at my local veterinarian we could only provide the lost, abandoned or rescued cats with a warm bed and food and water.  We no longer could  afford to pay for the cats spay or neuter, tests for feline leukemia - aids or give them their vaccines.

My veterinarian provided me with a discount and it enabled me to get many cats the veterinarian care that they needed.  But times are tough and my veterinarian needed to take back the discount. What this means is one cat  with sterilization, vaccines and disease test comes to $100.00 +

 No discount meant no more trapping feral cats for spay or neuter, disease tests and vaccines.  It also meant we had limited funds for rescued cats and we could not care for them all..  Then another cat rescuer told me to check out the prices at our local Humane Society animal shelter.

Shelter kittens

The animal shelter offers affordable  services  for all cats that are spayed or neutered at the clinic. Which means we will be able to proved  necessary veterinarian services for the cats that are abandoned in the woods by our home; as long as they are sterilized at the animal clinic.   
Rescued Gray cat
Rescued Russian Blue Mix Cat in My Shelter
It is safe to say that we are back to rescuing lost and abandoned house cats and strays as the clinic at the animal shelter has affordable prices. How to the prices compare?  Here is the breakdown: 


Feline Leukemia and Aids test:  Clinic $15.00 / Veterinarian $49.00

Spay or Neuter  Clinic $35.00 / Veterinarian $55.00 spay $45.00 Neuter

Cat Dewormer Clinic $5.00 / Veterinarian $10.00 (1 dose)

1 dose ear mite Clinic $5.00 / Veterinarian $16.00

1 dose flea- tic Clinic $5.00 / Veterinarian $16.00

Cat distemper - rabies Clinic $20.00 / Veterinarian $37.00

Based on these costs one can fully understand why there are so many pets that are not being spayed or neutered.  I would recommend all pet owners to check their city animal shelter to find out if they have a veterinarian on staff and if they offer services to resident pet owners.

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