Thursday, April 10, 2014

Purina One beyond Cat Food Review

At our neighborhood cat meeting today we decided to feed the cats Purina One beyond White Meat Chicken Oatmeal cat Food instead of canned food.  We need to make a change because we can no longer feed the outdoor cats Friskies Special Diet canned cat food due to the warm weather and insects.

Feral cats eating cat food

We researched online found the best prices for this food were at and we stocked up by buying at four 13 pound bag for $23.98. Plus we got free shipping.  Buying cat food in bulk was smart because prices may increase to be the same as other pet food retailers

When it comes to feeding the shelter and outdoor stray and feral cats we think the Purina One beyond White Meat Chicken Oatmeal Cat Food is a good choice because it contains no corn, wheat or other fillers plus there are no artificial preservatives.  Unlike the other cat foods that put corn gluten meal as their first ingredient the beyond first ingredients are white meat chicken, whole oat meal, carrots and fiber for healthy digestion.

Is it the best food for cats?  I like to think that it is best for the neighborhood cats, in fact I would feed my own cats this food. I think Purina One beyond White Meat Chicken Oatmeal Cat Food is best, because it has wholesome ingredients.  the food is high in protein which is good for a cats diet.

Do the cats like it?

I mixed the old cat food with the Purina One beyond and the outdoor cats pushed away the old cat food to get to the new food.  The taste agrees with them, now it is too soon to note any changes to their coat so I will need to report my findings in 30 days.

Attribution: Fair Use  Screenshot of Purina One Beyond Adult white meat chicken and whole oat recipe cat food
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