Thursday, May 15, 2014

Found Tabby Cat at Park Gets a Sponsor

Two weeks ago I discovered a cat in the park lying on a dilapidated picnic table.  I did not know if this cat was feral, stray or abandoned housecat. 

All I knew is that it may be hungry so I went back home to get some cat food and water.  When I returned the cat had not moved so I set up the feeding station with dry cat food approximately 30 feet away, then stepped back to watch.  

The cat was slow to react to the cat food but when the cat came to the feeding station he at the entire bowl and drank water.

Going forward I went to the park every day to feed this cat and to get him dependent on me. My plan worked because today I looked out my back window and saw the cat in my back garden.  Presently the cat is eating in my yard daily and then lying in my irises.

Yesterday I shared my found cat in park news at my feral cat caregiver meeting and one of the volunteers offered to sponsor the cat by paying the cats veterinarian bill for sterilization, vaccines including feline leukemia, de-wormer, and revolution for ear mites, fleas and other animal parasites.  She will then pay for the cat’s food and any shelter costs for the rest of the cat’s life.

This week I will trap the park found cat for veternarian care. 

The images that you view on this post are of the cat that I found at the park.
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