Thursday, October 9, 2014

Find Best Cat Adopters with Screening and Placement Fee

Over the year I have learned many things about finding adopters for cats.  I learned that a screening interview is imperative as well as a placement fee. These two steps help me to find the best adopters for the cats.

You would think that anyone would be overjoyed to get a well trained cat that had all of their vaccines, including feline leukemia preventative, worming and spay or neuter and microchip.  Basically all of the expense of owning a kitten or cat has been taken care of and adopter need only transfer paperwork.

 Kittens are expensive and we have taken care of all of the medical expense plus training them to be perfect little housecats.

All we asked for was $50 placement fee which I thought was nominal considering PetSmart pet charities charges $60 and humane society $65.  Many times you will need to spay or neuter and get microchip on top of the placement fee.

I was surprised when the adopters that I interviewed said no to the fee.  I thought this refusal was a red flag to the cat’s well-being as many said they did not believe in getting cats vaccinated spayed or neutered because they were cats.  (Not sure what this meant but knew they had little regard for the cats)

I kept my ground and said I am sorry this kitten is not a right match for you.  

This is why I say that it is important to screen all adopters and charge a placement fee for all cat adoptions because it enables you to determine if the adopter is a good match and will take care of the cats medical needs.  

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