Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cat Sponsor Is Upholding Vaccine - Booster Shots Aggreement

My husband and I rescue many cats and kittens that are abandoned in the woods by our home and most of the time we pay for their care out of our pockets or from my online earnings.  Occasionally we get civic minded sponsors who help our with the veternarian costs or food.  A few months ago my husband and I found new born kittens that were put in a bag and thrown out like trash.  We rescued them by taking them into our home and cared for them, bottle fed them and helped them to go to the bathroom. Keeping them safe from harm or human abuse.

Rescued kittens

I shared the kitten story with neighbors and was delighted when two told me that they would sponsor a set of two kittens each.  Well the  one sponsor did not understand what their responsibility was because when it came time to fulfill their obligation they changed their mind.

Like any animal rescuer it was a huge let down, but there was a change of events and I am happy to share the good news and you can read all about it here :

Cat Sponsor Reconsiders Agreement: Will Pay for Vaccines - Bubblews
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