Friday, August 8, 2014

Cats Get Grumpy if NOT Fed on Time

When it comes to feeding your cats it is best to keep on schedule because if cats are hungry and no food is available then they will get grumpy, grouchy and pick fights with other cats.   In short a hungry cat is not a patient cat.
Feral Cat eating cat food

Many of the rescued cats and kitten that I have taken in had gone without meals and were starving.  These cats seemed overly anxious, and their behavior was aggressive with each other as well as destructive behavior; scratching on sofa wood baseboards and or rug and not their cat scratching post.   In addition cats will vomit when they are hungry.  If you provide the cat with food then this will calm them.
Happy feral cat eating cat food

I recommend feeding cats two meals a day.  My schedule is every 12 hours for my cats.  Basically I will mix Friskies special diet canned food with Goodlife chicken recipe kibble. This food is made by Mars and contains no corn, soy or wheat.  I will then add two tablespoons of water and mix the food well.   I will put the portions for each cat in their food bowls and allow them all to eat.  If any food is left over after a half hour I will remove the food to prevent snacking as this is how cats tend to put on weight.

When I stick to my feeding schedule then the cats all get along and do not become grumpy or frantic.
Cats get along well when they are fed on time

**I found the cat food Goodlife “a thoughtful recipe by Mars” at Walmart and in comparison to other wheat, corn and soy food this cat food is moderately priced.   My cats love this food and I also feed the feral cats this food.  Unlike the other brands this food is priced right.  Mycats eat less, and food does control hairballs.
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