Thursday, July 31, 2014

Nine Week Old Kitten Stopped Eating

Hairy the rescue kitten is nine week old, he has adjusted well from abandonment when he was three weeks old.  He is a big eater, loves to play and cuddle so I was surprised when he stopped eating and drinking.

I went to feed him and he sniffed and walked away I thought it was odd.  When I brought in his favorite canned food; Natural Balance chicken pate recipe with gravy on plate I expected Hairy to coming running but instead he did not get out of bed.   Hairy was sick I just knew it and he was looking dehydrated too so I knew we had a problem.  I filled his nursing bottle with replacement milk mixed with his chicken pate and started feeding him , he took to this okay and so I put the mixture on a plate and Hairy sniffed and walked away.

I thought at first he could not smell the food and that is why he fed off the bottle and not from his food bowl.   My husband said he must have eaten something that upset his stomach he will be okay. But Hairy was not okay he developed diarrhea that would not stop, the poor kitten was leaking when he walked or lay down in his bed.  This was not good so I called the veterinarian and they said they could not see him until two days later.

I continued to care for Hairy and his diarrhea did stop, but my little rescued kitten was still not eating.  So I kept the kitten close by in a crate and bottle fed him every hour.  Hairy was getting weak and would was not taking to the bottle.  I called the veternarian and there were no appointment, the only option they could offer was to bring Hairy in when doctors arrive and are getting ready for their day.  They would then have one check Hairy to determine his condition. 

So we waited two more days and on the third day Hairy weight indicated that he had lost a pound. I was certain that if we did not get veterinarian care he would die.  We rushed him to the veternarian today so he could be evaluated.  

He needed an IV and was treated for coccidia and I was told that he would be back eating and being a normal kitten within a day.  Hairy stopped eating and refused to eat or drink due to worms.  All of the rescued kittens including Hairy were wormed today and should make a full recovery.

*We rescued Hairy and  his four siblings when they were three weeks old. They were abandoned on the medium in the center of the highway at night.  
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