Tuesday, December 2, 2014

K&H Verses Wooden Cat House Comparison

We take care a few stray and feral cats and because our winters can be long and cold we did buy a few K&H outdoor cat houses and we also built some insulated wooden houses.

Know that I like the K&H thermo cat house for the stray cats that go into our shed at night but this house is no match for a shelter that has an insulated interior and wood exterior.

If you plan on setting yo the K&H cat house in your garage, shed, workshop or on a covered porch then this light weight will serve its purpose. But you cannot set it up in the middle of your yard.

The K & H cat house is easy to assemble; it goes together quickly and stays together with heavy duty Velcro. It has a heated pad with a fleece cover that is nice too, but this house needs weather protection and it is not meant for the cat to sit on top of it because the house will flatten like a pancake. Also the K&H cat house need to be protected from wind as it can easily be uplifted.

In comparison to the K & H know that the cat houses that we made from wood, can be set up anywhere and they withstand, wind, sleet and snow. We set them up against a hard service; backside of my garage or privacy wooden fence. This location blocks the wind. We also lift the wood cat house up by putting it on cement blocks, this keeps the rain runoff away from the entrance and also keep snow out of the cavity. Our wood cat houses were built well, treated with water protection and will withstand weather. We can set them up with straw and not worry about them.

The K & H heated or unheated cat house is not as durable, it needs to be kept on a porch that has weather protection. It is best suited for the garage where electrical outlet is accessible.

Learn more about K&H Thermo Cat Houses here
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