Monday, September 17, 2012

Best Food for Feral Cats of All Ages

Feral Cat eating Evolve Cat Food

The best way to provide feral cats of all ages with complete nutrition and a balanced diet is to buy a cat food that is formulated for cats from kittens to senior. 

There are many commercial foods available for all ages of cats and it is best to choose a food that does not have corn or gluten and is high in protein.  Cats are carnivores and need protein in their diet to be healthy.   

The cat colony that I oversee is small; 7 cats come to my feeding station daily and they are all ages.  I feed the cats Evolve cat food.  Evolve is a natural cat food that is has high protein that satisfies a cats natural carnivorous instincts.  The food also provides the cat with nutrients for health and vitality. 

The feral cats all seem to like the taste of the Evolve maintenance cat food and I have noted no stomach upset. 

Another way to feed cats of all ages is to make the cats a raw turkey cat food.  If you enjoy cooking and you know your way around a kitchen then you may want to make up a batch of raw cat food. The best diet for cats of all ages (kitten to senior) would be to feed them raw foods.  Here is a recipe for turkey cat food.  It is best to use a whole turkey when making this recipe.


  1. Along with the all ages cat food I will supplement the cat’s diet with Grizzly Salmon oil.  This  pure salmon oil comes from Alaskan Salmon.  The oil contains omega 3, Omega 6 and Arachidonic fatty acids.  The fish oil helps the cats circulation, is good for their heart, skin, coat.  It is also in controlling pain from arthritis.  I add one tablespoon to the food in the bowl and then mix well. 
  2. When I feed the cats  I will wait at 10 feet from the feeding station until the cats are finished eating and then I will remove the cat food bowls.  Any food that is leftover will attract insects or predators; dog, fox or coyote. 
  3. Feed dry food in winter because it does not freeze. 
  4. Provide cats with fresh water at each feeding.


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