Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Feral Cats Deserve a Better Life

There is billions of feral cat’s world-wide because of human negligence. Feral are the cats that nobody wanted. These cats were abandoned by their owners and left to survive on their own.  

Some cats survived in areas close to a food source others perished. These cats are living a life much like the wild cats of Africa. They are competing for food water and shelter and just want to carve out a space for themselves so they can live a peaceful life with humans.

I have been a colony caregiver since 1998 and in that time I have trapped, sterilized and given the feral cats their vaccines, tapewormer and treatment for fleas, ticks and ear mites. 

 All of the feral cats that I have trapped were either socialized for adoption or released to a controlled colony where they are safe from human traffic.

My husband and I care for the feral and stray cats.  At present date we have 10 cats in our colony.  The colony where the cats reside is on a side of a mountain ridge that is located in a forest of 25 acres. The cats live in limestone cracks and crevices as well as large thicket dens or hallow trees. 

 All cats are fed twice a day and get fresh water at the feeding station.
In the winter the cats are welcome to sleep and get warm in my  old shed.  It is a drafty shed, however it is dry and it does provide the cats with a good wind block and straw filled beds. 

Some feral cats will go where they go when weather turns extremely cold or hot and these cats do suffer. They are too wild to realize that the shed has heat and an air conditioner.  

The feral cats are terrified of the nose that the heat and cooler product puts off and so they burrow into the leaves or the brush in the forest. For these wild feral cats we will hike out to them to provide them with food and water.  And when the snow is too deep we will make a path to them.   

It is not easy to be a feral cat, most humans fear them and believe they are viscous and diseased.  Many humans think the best interest to the feral cat is to trap them and euthanize them, that this action is humane.  

I have trapped and taken the feral cats in for sterilization, tested for feline aids or leukemia and out of the 298 cats there was 1 sick cat. 

Feral cats did not ask for this life, they really had no choice as their human  abandoned them long ago.  They are feral because of human neglect, a human error that can only be fixed by the  caregivers that dedicate their service to trap, spay or neuter and then care for the cats in colonies.  

Feral cats deserve a better life, where they can co-exists with humans without being feared as dangerous animals, with no purpose on earth.

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