Friday, July 16, 2010

God Watches over Feral Cat with Kittens

The feral cat that I call Lucy arrived at my old shed the other day, she came with her mate a large Norwegian Forest cat that I call Bob. These cats are wild and live in the rock caves that are adjutant to my property. 

These wild cats occasionally join the other colony cats for a bite to eat or enter the shelter for protection when the weather is extreme. Most of the time they are deep in the woods foraging for their survival. 

Today Lucy came to the shed because her left paw is wounded. I suspect from a hunters leg iron trap or from an injury from a rock that may have fallen while she was on the ridge. Whatever the cause the paw was injured and she was walking on three instead of four paws. 

 The shed is always open for any cat that wants to come in out of the cold or the heat. I have a window air conditioner and a window heater that keeps the room temperature comfortable for the cats.  

 God watches over feral cats, and this is why Lucy came to me. I suppose she sensed that I would care for her and protect her from harm. She has been in my shed for one day and allowed me to stand close to her and to view her three very young kittens. Two are black stripes like a British Tabby and the other is a yellow stripe they are only week’s old and all are nursing.

My neighbor is helping me with Lucy, and the kittens. We cannot get close to Lucy to clean her leg wound and have decided to trap her for medical care.  We will trap the kittens also as they will need to be bottle fed.

Lucy's love for her kittens is very strong.  She is suffering in silence as she nurses her kittens.  She keeps them close to her in the bed of straw and protects them from harm.  I love cats and will do what I can to keep them safe. 

Here is a video of a mother cat that hugs her restless kitten and helps it to sleep comfortably.


jseven said...

You are a blessed woman and God watches over you and these precious cats of His.

Diane Cass said...

Aw, poor Lucy. I know she will get good care at your home Susan. Keep up the good work.

Joyce T. Mann said...

Sweet Lucy. You are the patron saint of homeless kitties everywhere!

Susan Golis said...

Jseven: God watches over these cats and I believe it is all a part of his master plan. I need God to intervene and tell Lucy to go into the trap, so that I can take her in for medical care. Thanks for commenting on this post.

Susan Golis said...

Diane I am trying to care for Lucy the best way that I know how. I have not left home since she has arrived and I am on call 24/7...thank goodness for baby monitors. We are trapping now and as of this date I am unsuccessful. Lucy is accustomed to the trap now and finds it to be comfortable, she was viewed sitting on top of the trap and laying in the front part of the you know the trap bar need her weight to be on it to trigger the closing of the door. I am praying that this will occur soon.

Susan Golis said...

Joyce...thanks for commenting on this blog post. I think god wants me to do this, he wants me to help the cats...I am trying.

Thanks for your comment. I have been posting updates on facebook you may view more pictures there.