Sunday, March 6, 2016

Socializing Mature Stray Cat for Adoption

When it comes to socializing stray cats I think it is easier when they are kittens or young cats because the older they get the more set in their ways they become. Plus depending on how long they were on the streets it can be hard to get them to let down their guard and be accepting to people. This occurs when their people abandon them,  move and leave the family cat behind.

I have been working with a mature cat for the past week to socialize him with his pending adopters dog and have to tell you that the cat just does not like the dog. The cat is sweet with humans, and he will seem okay with the dog, but for some reason and only the cat knows why...this cat will take after the dog as if the dog did something wrong.

I suspect this behavior is due to the cat being a house cat for many years and then his people dying in the house, the cat hid when they came to get the bodies, so it was in the house for a week before someone realized a cat was inside. The door opened the cat ran out and I have no idea how long this cat was on his own before we found him. The cat may have been chased by a dog, all I know is that this cat does not like other cats or dogs.

My friends said she would take him as long as the cat got along with her dog.

Normally socializing a cat and dog is a whole lot easier than introducing to other cats. Know that the dog I was working with was well behaved and did nothing wrong. BUT this cat is not accepting the dog.  

I told my friend that sometimes it takes up to a month, but she works and does not have a cat room or other area to keep the cat, thus the dog and cat would be home alone and cat does not like the dog.  This adoption will not work. 

We have come to the conclusion that this cat needs a forever home where he is the only pet. I am certain had the cat been more accepting to the dog that they could have been best friends forever and if I had more time because socializing can take up to a month, and you just cannot expect it to be an immediate friendship.

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