Friday, February 5, 2016

Cat Food that Reduces Risk of Worms

Finding a high-quality food for the feral and outdoor cats has been difficult. Most quality brand foods are very expensive and out of our budget. So when one of my cat caretaker friends recommended that I contact online for recommendations and a variety of cat foods at a reasonable price I did not hesitate to call them.

 I told the customer service representative at Chewy my wants and needs and when they learned that I needed dry kibble cat food for feral and stray cats they recommended Chicken Soup for the Soul adult cat food because the ingredient chicory root would benefit the cats health and well being plus it was formulated to lessen the risk of worms.
This food is formulated for the adult cat, and the ingredients are also good for outdoor feral or stray cats. The healthy food will boost cats immune system due to the high antioxidants. This food will also fight free radicals in the cells which will help the cats to live longer. There is also taurine that is good for cats eyes and heart. All are wonderful features and benefits but what caught my eye was the chicory root that is an ingredient in the food. The chicory root reduces the risk of worms.
We cannot administer worm medication to the feral and stray cats so the next best thing would be feeding the cats foods made with chicory root. 

This dry kibble cat food is made in the United States and is an excellent food to feed outdoor cats as well as your indoor cats. What I have noticed is that all of the cats have a nice shiny coat, they have more energy and in general seem to be excited to see me when I stock the feeding station.
Here is a card that I designed at It will show you a 9-year-old feral cat with a thick and shiny winter coat. I am certain it is due to the Chicken Soup for the Soul cat food.

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