Saturday, April 16, 2016

Information About Cat Mating Season

April means cat mating season has begun. Winter is over and the warm weather is natures way of telling the unaltered cats that it is time to reproduce.

Feral kittens and Queen cat at our animal shelter

Normally we do not have this problem because we actively trap the stray cats and get them sterilized at the inexpensive animal clinic. So I am wondering where these cats came from? One of my neighbors that helps me with the cats told me that a few cats had collars on, so we cannot trap for spay or neuter. I wish the cat owners were more responsible with their unaltered pets. But will give cat owner the benefit of the doubt, the cat may have gotten out of the house.

4 week old feral kitten that we trapped, mom cat was injured

Did you know that unlike a dog, when a cat goes into heat they stay in heat until they mate. Know that would explain why there are so many kittens...Cats go out of heat when the weather gets cold. So it is wise to get your cat spayed or neutered...otherwise she will get overly affectionate and vocal and tomcat will mark his territory and get vocal. If they are indoor cats Toms will get aggressive, but letting them outdoors is a big mistake, because unaltered cats ten to fight with other tom cats and this puts your cat at risk for disease; feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus, both disease with no cure.

This is what a mating call sounds like:

I would recommend that you get your cats sterilized; spay or neuter. Check out discount clinics in your area for spays and neuters. In SW Missouri I recommend Main Street Pet is worth the drive to the clinic is on Wednesday and you do need an appointment call 417-792-7387 for more information. For other areas I recommend contacting your local animal shelter, sometimes they have a veterinarian on the property and will offer a discount for cat sterilization.  

View this video to learn more about cat sapy and nutering and why you should do this.

NOTE: If you do cat rescue, and you are not  in the area but are a days road trip away, then plan to take several cats in for sterilization.  The prices at this clinic are inexpensive.  I generally leave female cats overnight but male cats can be taken home on the same day. 
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