Sunday, February 16, 2014

Extreme Cold Weather Causes Cat to Get Frostbite

Where I reside the winter has been bitter cold and our city had notified the pet owners with newspaper posts and on the nightly news about keeping cats and dog indoors during the extreme cold weather. So  I was surprised to see a neighbors short haired tabby going into the neighborhood sewer for shelter.  The cat spent 2 nights in the sewer and on the following night when it was extremely cold (5 below zero) we rescued the tabby from the bitter cold weather and brought him indoors.  We dried him off with warm towels and then brought the cat to our heated mudroom where we have cat crates set up. 
Rescue Cat in Crate 

The rescued cat was behaving badly.  He meowed loudly and when he was not meowing he tore up his disposable litter box, knocked over his water and food.   My husband held the cat and I cleaned up his crate.  Lined the crate with newspaper, filled anew disposable litter box and then folded over a towel for cat to use as a bed.

Put the cat back into the crate and he again tore up his litter box, knocked over his water and made another mess.  Once again my husband removed the cat and when I went to clean up his crate I found that the cat had diarrhea and suspected that this could be a symptom of frostbite or stress.

We examined the cat’s ears, nose, scrotum, paw pads and toes, all areas where there is not thick covering of hair.  The skin appeared to be pale and blotchy white on his paws this I knew was a sign of frostbite. 

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