Sunday, October 16, 2011

Introducing Feral Cat to Pet Toys

Cat toys are a good way for the human to bond with a feral kitten.  Feral kittens do not know how to play with toys and you must introduce the toy without scaring the cat.

 When you bring a feral  kitten to your home they are terrified of being indoors. The surrounding and the humans are very scary to a feral kitten.  Take baby steps to get the feral kitten accustomed to their surroundings before you introduce them to pet toys.

 When I socialize I do not rush feral cats or kittens as I want them to be comfortable and do not want to break their wonderful spirit, so the taming of the cat is on their terms.  If they want to live in a house with humans and other pets then I am there to help them adjust.

Charlie the feral kitten that I have been working with reached many goals in the 14 day socialization program.  He now greets me when I enter the room with his food and will walk past me and rub his tail on my leg.  

He spends more time out of his box, watching me and has jumped on the end of my desk to sniff my pencil holder.  I am certain that he is taking down his walls and is allowing himself to get comfortable.  Because of these achievements I decided that today would be a good day to bring out the cat toys.

The first toy introduction was Da Bird a bird with feather on a stick toy.  I sprayed the birds feathers with catnip and ran the bird across the floor slowly. 

Charlie was afraid at first and then he pounced on the bird.  I also brought out a mouse filled with catnip and a ball with a bell inside.  The mouse and the balls were prized possessions that Charlie picked up and brought to his cat box.  He then snuggled with the toys, purred so loudly you could hear him outside the door and then he went to sleep.  For Charlie the feral kitten it was the ending of a perfect day.

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