Sunday, May 6, 2012

Adult Feral Cat Adopted into Forever Home

Maggie is a year old feral cat that was born in a cave in the forest.  When she was 12 weeks old I used a cat trap and successfully rescued her from a life of hardship.  I then socialized her to live with humans and other pets and then Maggie was adopted.

Maggie lived with her adoptive family for 9 months and then they returned her to me because they were moving out of state and could not take her. 

Maggie the is sweet and loving however I needed to work with her to lessen her anxiety because she missed her family and she was terrified of me and my other pets.  It took me approximately 18  days to put her at ease to the point where she was comfortable with her surroundings.  

Cats generally do not like change, and feral cats get very nervous when they leave their adopted families home. 

When Maggie had a daily routine and was getting along with the other pets and humans then I felt I could begin to look for an adopter.

Feral cat Maggie under the bed covers
A friend of mine suggested that I surrender Maggie to the Humane Society because the cat would have a chance to go to one of the pet stores that feature pets for adoptions.  I contacted the shelter and learned that there was no guarantee that the cat would go to the adoption center.  I knew Maggie would be afraid of the pet shelter and would hiss at the onlookers.  Feral cats are fearful of all new situations so  I decided to keep Maggie and to work with volunteers to find someone to adopt Maggie. 

Today we made up flyer's for Maggie and the three of us handed out flyer's in front of the local pet stores and we asked our veterinarians office if we could post the flyer on their bulletin board.  After that we went door to door and put a folded flyer in our neighbor’s mailbox.

A few people came out to talk to us and we told them about the cat and offered a referral compensation if they would be able to find a serious cat adopter.  All seemed generally interested in finding the cat a forever home.

The say that money talks and I believe that it is true.  Tonight I received two calls for Maggie and tomorrow I have  interview appointments.   I feel that there is an adopter for Maggie and that God has a plan for her.  I need to be patient and have a little faith.  I am hoping that the interviews go well and that tomorrow I find an adopter for Maggie. 

Feral cat Maggie on top of refrigerator
Update Tuesday March 13. 2012...Maggie was adopted into her forever home.   She was a little frightened and hid in the bathroom at her new home.  Her adopter is a woman who has always loved cats and will treat Maggie well.  

Maggie is such a sweet and loving cat, she likes to cuddle and will hide under the blankets when there is thunder.  I am certain that once Maggie gets used to her new home that she will be happy.
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