Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cat Lady Gift Ideas

In every community in the world there are groups of women who oversee feral cat colonies, rescue abandoned and injured cats and provide their community with civil service.  

The cat lady comes in all shapes and sizes, they are young and they are old however they all are the same because they love cats.

A cat lady has a huge heart when it comes to taking care of cats. She may provide cats with a loving home or she may be the neighborhood trapper that takes the feral and stray cats in for spay or neuter and all of their vaccines.  The crazy cat lady may work alone or with other volunteers and they watch out for the cats, feed them twice a day, give them fresh water and shelter from the heat and cold. 

The neighborhood cat lady is doing their community a world of good.  So when it comes time to give the loving cat lady a gift, consider gifts that were designed especially for her.

There are a variety of cat lady gifts that are humorous however if your friend is more serious then give this type of lady a coffee mug, board game,T-shirt or home accessories that will work well with their lifestyle.  

Here are a few Crazy Cat lady gifts that I found at  I think the graphic designs are adorable.  Click the product image to view at the zazzle website and to check for product sales or specials.  Enjoy!

I am a feral cat colony caregiver and rescuer and I recommend these gifts because they are fun and will make the recipient laugh. I drink coffee every morning from my cat lady mug and it always makes me smile.

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