Sunday, December 9, 2012

Insulated Cat Houses Donated

Insulated feral cat shelter: cat house
Cat house and feeding station
Handmade insulated shelters were donated last week. These shelters will provide a warm and a safe area for the outdoor feral and stray cats that are in my care. 

The cat houses are made of wood and they have an inch of insulation on the top, bottom and all of the sides.  There is a front door and an exit door to keep the outdoor cats safe.  

My husband painted the houses hunter green and then applied a water repellent.  To provide the cats with extra warmth we filled them with thick layers of straw before setting them up in the yard.  One cat house sits close to the woods entrance.  

This outdoor shelter will attract the feral cats that are terrified of humans and only venture out at night.  The other shelter is closer to the backside of my home; it sits next to a rock wall as it provides a wind block.  I also set a wooden cat house on my side porch as the awning will keep it dry and it enables me to set up a feeding station.  The shelter on my porch is filled with a foot of straw and then topped with an insulated pet blanket.

We have watched for the cats but have only viewed one cat enter the shelter up against the backside of our shed.  

This cat was viewed taking an afternoon nap.  The other shelters do indicate evidence that cats are lying in the house.  The straw is molded to the shape of a cat’s body and we have found evidence of cat hair on the pet blanket.  

The outdoor cats know the cat houses are there and I am certain that when the weather turns colder that they will be seeking warmth and will enter the  insulated cat shelters.  

Here are photographs:
Insulated interior of cat shelter, black cat fur on blanket

Cat sleeping in shelter
Insulated shelter with overhang
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