Monday, November 4, 2013

Ways to Determine Ownership of Cat

Yesterday I thought we had located the lost cat’s owner as I got a call from one of the ladies that help me with the cats.  She had given a flyer to a family in the neighborhood and they said that is our cat.

As a rule I never release a cat without determining ownership of the pet.  I do this by asking the owner to identify the cat’s special characteristics. 

When they person called me to claim the lost cat I asked them “what is the name of your cat?”  They said “Moxie” I addressed the cat and there was no response.  I then asked them "what is the sex of your cat" and they responded female and I said this cat is a male.  The caller said I am mistaken, our cat is a male.  I took this as a “red flag”. I then asked one more question to determine the ownership "Is the cat neutered" they said yes and I am sorry this is not your cat.

I told them that I would keep an eye open for their cat and notify them if their cat comes into my woods.

So this week I am running another lost and found in our local paper in hopes to find the “real cat owners”.

For more information on the lost cat read:
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