Sunday, December 29, 2013

Reasons Why Men Abandon Cats

My studies indicate that in the last five years more men have abandoned cats than women in my neighborhood.  Many times the cats are left behind because the husband is mad his wife or boyfriend angry at his girlfriend.
Abandoned cat hides behind tree

The sad truth is that the housecat is being used to hurt women.   I know this to be true because many distraught women show up with the men at the entrance of the woods calling for their beloved cats and then say that had a bad argument with their husband/boyfriend but everything was on the mend and they really wanted their cat back.

Other reasons for leaving the cat is most men think the housecat will adapt to the wild and will be able to survive in the woods they assume that this is better for the cat.  

Some men leave cats in a park close to a neighborhood because the park will provide food and shelter and eventually the cat will be found and adopted by a family in the neighborhood.  They honestly believe that the chances of survival are greater for a housecat than being turned over to the animal shelter where so many cats compete for adoption. 

  1. Less than 5% of the abandoned cats that were abandoned to my woods were reunited with their families.
  2. I believe that fewer cats would be abandoned if pet owners were better educated on the responsibilities of owning and caring for a cat as well as the proper ways to re-home a cat when they can no longer care for their pet. 

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