Friday, June 19, 2015

About Bengal Cats

A few weeks ago a friend who volunteers at one of the areas animal shelters calls me and says that a family surrendered two Bengal pure breed cats to the shelter and if she does not find a foster for them that they will be euthanized. I told her if she could not find any other fosters that I would care for them while she looked for a forever home. Well that is how I got Larry and Frankie. Cute as they can be Bengal cats that love to play and go for a walk around the block on a leash.
Bengal cats hiding in the garden

The do not care for my cats so we did shop at for feliway comfort zone diffusers for the electrical outlet. It is exactly what we needed because it took the “new cat” stress out of the room. So we have had the cats for ten days and all is well. Then our air conditioner broke and parts were needed so we were spending more time on the screened porch.

Inquisitive franking and Larry found a little rip in the screen and decided they would rip it more. Who knows maybe they had the other cats hole them also. All I know is the Bengals leaped a good six feet to the garden bellow and then took to the woods.

Yes they got out, I suspect the change in the household made them feel anxious and they just wanted to get away for awhile. The only problem was it was night and the coyote forage at night and these Bengals are definitely housecats.

Catching cats that are fosters, will they come back or will they try to go to their former home?

So both my husband and I grab flashlights and take to the woods. Bengal cats do not meow instead they make like a barking sound. I would call their name and I would hear them in the distance sounded like they were 4 houses away. They were chattering (not meowing) or screaming and then they were quiet.  We thought something happened to them, then we would hear them again. 

After forty minutes husband gave up. But I did not I sat on the furthest patio closest to the woods and called out to the cats every few minutes.

Here is a video where you can hear what Bengal cats sound like.  

It took me two hours to catch them. The cats came home out of exhaustion, they were panting and they were over heated, tongue was red and hanging out of their mouths. I suspect something may have chased them, a mother raccoon protecting her territory, a feral cat, coyote or fox? All I know is the woods was not a fun place for these fostered Bengal cats.
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