Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Tree Safety Tips for Cats

Russian Blue kitten in Christmas Tree
8-wk old kitten in tree
Cats are naturally attracted to Christmas trees and the heat from the lights so when it comes to decorating your home you will need to train your cat boundaries.  Stop your cats before they have a chance to hide, climb, mark or use your tree as a scratching post. 

Christmas is the time of year when pet owners need to step up their pet training or else the cat will take over and make a mess of the holiday tree or they may get tangled up in the lights.   Learn some basic tips that will keep your tree and cat safe this Christmas.

Step 1
Stop your cats from climbing up the tree or using your Christmas decorations as their private playground.  Keep your tree safe from the cat by securing it to the ceiling. Achieve this by installing a ceiling hook above the tree and then tie clear fishing line to the top of the tree and then loop the line through the ceiling hook and secure with a double knot.  
Step 2
Purchase unbreakable ornaments and attach them to the tree with ribbon.  Buy thin ribbon that coordinates with your Christmas theme and put the ribbon though the ornament loop. 
Tie the ornament to the branch with a bow.  The ornament is securely attached to the tree and you need not worry about it falling to the floor. You just prevented a serious accident by keeping your cats safe from harm.
 Step 3 
Teach your cat to stay away from Christmas tree with SSSCAT Cat Training.  This product is a harmless motion activated compressed air spray with an alarm that scares you cat every time they get close to the tree.  SSScat repels the cat up to three feet.  Your cat will quickly learn the house rules. 
 Step 4 
Another way to keep cats away from the Christmas tree is to buy Contech stay away motion detector.  It is basically the same principal as the SSS cat spray training however the quality is better as you have two different repellents; sound with the odorless compressed air spray or sound only.  The spray is long lasting as you get 200 sprays per can. 

Fill live tree water tank with pure water.  Do not add any preservatives or chemicals to the water.  If you cat does not drink the water then your dog will.

Your cat can harm themselves in the light wires.  It is best to buy artificial tree that has the lights securely attached to the branches or you should use plastic straps to secure lights to branches.  

Warnings do not decorate Christmas tree with tinsel. 

Cover the extension cords and light strands on the floor with PVC pipe this is a good way to prevent your cat from getting tangled in the cords.

Supervise your cat while they are in the Christmas room, chances are they will be the perfect pet.  Cats usually experiment with the Christmas tree when their owners are away.   

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