Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Setup Cat Room - Socializing New Cats

Setup a room for your cats and benefit by knowing that they are in a secure area.  This cat room will provide new cats with comfort and security.  The cat room can be an over-sized crate-cage or it can be a separate room or closet in your home that is for cats only. 

When I am away from my home or when I have guest coming to my home I will put my 5 cats in the safe room and shut the door.  I then know that they are out of harms ways and that they won’t sneak out an open door.  My cats enjoy their time in their room.  In their minds I am certain that they think of it as a playroom.  When it is time for me to go to work, I will open the door and use my clicker to call them.   All of the cats will run into the room and sit patiently for their treat.

Setting up Cat Room

Make a list of the requirement for the room; no furniture of value; add a chair, futon or old sofa to the room, cover the floors with Berber carpet or tile and provide the cats with heat and air-conditioned.   A room with a window would be nice as all cats enjoy looking at the world outdoors. 

Choose a room that will provide your cat with comfort.  Consider a large closet.  Remove everything from the closet; leave the shelves as cats enjoy climbing.  Install a cat climber to the backside of the door; I saw one at that was quite nice.  The  multilevel climber will provide your cat’s with hours of enjoyment.  

Cats like to hide so provide them with cat furniture that allows them to hide. Buy them a cat playhouse or multilevel hideout.  My kitty safe room is 9 x 11 and the cat hideout provides my 5 cats with an area where they can hide or sleep in peace. 

Make sure there is a ceiling light, as well as heat or air.  The closet must be large enough to allow the cat to move around and to be comfortable.  Consider changing the closet door to a clear glass French door with kitty door or leave the door cracked so kitty can go in or out.   That way the cat can see out into the other rooms and you can check your cats without disturbing them.  

Know that the cat safe room is a blessing especially if you have company.  You put the cats in the room and you do not have to worry about a exterior door being left open and cat getting  out.

Add to the cat room the following products;  litter box, scratching post, cat tree, toys, bedding, cat food and water bowls.  Choose bouncy cat toys like a spring with a ball attached or plastic balls with bell for them to chase. 


  • When you cannot supervise your cat then put their room. 
  • Use the cat room as an isolation room for all new cat’s coming into the household.
  • If cat gets sick, isolate them from other cats by keeping ill cat in this safety room.
  • Set up a cat crate /cage if you do not have a room.
  • If your cat is accustomed to having free run of the entire house, spray the cat room with Feliway behavior modifier ( has the best prices on feliway cat products.)  Feliway behavior modifier will keep your cat happy, by making feel less anxious.  It is fantastic for calming a stressed out cat.
Here is a video that will show you how to set up a cat room.  Know that it is best to keep this room intact because your cat will return to this area because it is their safe space.  

Here is an excellent video that will show you how to introduce your new kitten to your cat.

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