Sunday, May 26, 2013

5 Minute Cat Training

What would you say if I told you that your cats are trained to come, sit and stay already?  Would you shake your head in disbelief?   Like you I said No way, that my cats could not be trained to do anything more than use their litter box and scratching post.  I was wrong and a good friend of mine opened my eyes to noise related training for cats.

I was given a book on training my cats with a clicker training method.  The book suggested that I test my cats, because chances are they were all trained to respond to noises.

Cat Test

My husband gathered our 5 cats in the far end of the house while I went to the kitchen to get a can of cat food. 

I pulled the lid away from the food and by doing that the lid made a clicking noise.  When the lid was completely pulled away from the can I saw that all 5 of my cats were sitting at my feet. 

The cats were trained to respond to noise because the related it to food.

I tested the cat further by walking in the bedroom with a can of cat food and there I pulled the lid away from the can and when the can made the clicking sound, all of the cats ran to the bedroom and sat at my feet.    I had just trained my cats in a matter 5 minutes to come from the clicking noise.

Clicker Training

I decided to take the cat training to the next level and bought a clicker. A clicker is a small plastic object with a metal strip that makes a clicking noise when it's pressed.  Clicker training is the best method for getting your cats to come, sit and stay. 
In order to train the cats to respond to the clicker I need to click once and give them a treat.  They all caught on quickly to the clicker and from that day forward whenever I clicked my cats came running and all would sit at my feet waiting patiently for their Whiskas Temptations catnip treat. 
I really like the clicker as it’s a good way to get all of the cats in one room and it is a wonderful way to provide the cats with exercise.  I can click it from any room and all of them will come running.  I can click outdoors and again they will stop what they are doing and run home.  

View this video to learn how to clicker train your cat to do tricks.

Cats that are deaf or have hearing disability cannot be trained with a clicker. 
All cats can be clicker trained.  It took me awhile to train the feral cats at the colony but now when I click if they are in the area they will respond and come to the feeding station.  

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